Great Read: Xpat Community E-Magazine, 12 - 18 January

  • 13 Jan 2023 12:30 PM
Great Read: Xpat Community E-Magazine, 12 - 18 January
The fresh newsletter for the International Community in Hungary - described by readers as a "Great read each week" - is now available for your interest and use via the link below.

You can see the new edition of the Xpat E-Magazine here:

Welcome & thanks for enjoying a moment here - along with fellow Xpats in the loop!
You're in good company with 1000's of expats + locals in this cosmopolitan community.

1. First up, here's a quick look at a great variety of big music events ahead this year:
Justin Bieber, Budapest Aréna, 11 March,
Robbie Williams, New Tour Visits Budapest on 14 March,
First International Anime Music Festival, Budapest Aréna, 8 May,
Roger Waters 'This Is Not A Drill' Concert, MVM Dome Budapest, 23 April,
Joss Stone, Norah Jones & More at VeszprémFest Held Between 12-15 July
Depeche Mode: 'Memento Mori Tour', Puskás Aréna Budapest, 28 July 2023,
Billie Eilish to Perform as Headline Act at Sziget Festival Budapest, 10-15 August.

2. Next up you can see example events happening these days below + in Xpat Calendar:
E.g. Operetta Masterpiece: The Bat / Performance Art by Recirquel Budapest: 'My Land'.

3. Plus you can see the latest Movies + Specials, and fresh News, Information & Inspiration:
E.g.  Expat Wins 'Coach of the Year' Title / Mild Winter Weather is Causing Trouble for Trees.

Now we hope you like what's in it for you below.
Yours with best wishes, Team XpatLoop

Photo: '‘Golden Beauty - Danube, Parliament’  - courtesy of Krénn Imre Photography


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You're in good company together with thousands of expat readers + high-level locals = a cosmopolitan group of internationally-minded folks, known as the Xpat Community.


Your feedback is always welcome. Here are a few examples:

Brett Penny, Director, American International School of Budapest:
"Two thumbs up on XpatLoop's website and newsletter. A really great resource for us expats. Easy to navigate and loads of excellent ideas on what's on in Budapest, plus activities for the weekend. Keep up the good work!"

Sandra Knibbs, Principal at Dance Craze Academy:
"XpatLoop - great work informing us about the most compelling events in the city!"

Ephie Christodoulides, Client Manager at KPMG:
"I just wanted to say thank you for all the work you are doing on the site".

Warren Conolly, Professional Educator.
"As a fellow expat here in Hungary, I thought to say how great XpatLoop is for the community as a whole."

Dennis A. Diokno, CEO & Founding Partner, FirstMed
“Thanks to XpatLoop for an excellent working relationship of over 20 years!”

Frank Hegedűs, Chaplain, St. Margaret's Anglican Church
“Thank you for your important service during these troubling times.”

John Hart, Principal, International School Of Budapest
“Just a short note of deep appreciation to you all at XpatLoop. At these difficult and potentially solitary times your mailings are doing a wonderful job at keeping us expats in the loop, and ensuring that we still feel part of the vibrant community which is Budapest.”

Rough Guide To Budapest, the most knowledgeable & entertaining guidebook:
"for Arts & Entertainment: The best online listings are provided by"

Lonely Planet, the world’s largest guide book publisher:
"XpatLoop: What the foreign community in Budapest is thinking and talking about."

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