Top 12 Hungarian Words Many Expats Have Difficulty Pronouncing

  • 12 Sep 2023 1:05 PM
Top 12 Hungarian Words Many Expats Have Difficulty Pronouncing
Anyone who has learned a language knows how challenging it can be to pronounce certain words, especially for those who are not native speakers.

The Hungarian language can be even more interesting in this regard because, let's admit it, sometimes locals stumble over the pronunciation of certain words, according to a recent report on

Since Hungarian is considered one of the most difficult languages to learn in the world, locals understand if beginners can't pronounce certain words correctly.

Just think about trying to teach a visiting friend the word "egészségedre" (cheers), often even after the fifth attempt, they still can't mimic the pronunciation.

Among the most difficult-to-pronounce words, this one is certainly included, and the list doesn't seem too far-fetched because it's full of expressions where consonants pile up one after another or are filled with "sz" (s) letters:

1. viszontlátásra - vɪzzɔntlaːtaːsra - (goodbye)

2. egészségedre - ɛɡɛːsssɛːɡɛdrɛ |-  (cheers)

3. magánnyugdíjpénztár - maɡaːn nɪuɡɟiːj pɛːnstaːr -  (private pension fund)

4. bakancszokni - bakant͡ss zɔkɲɪ -  (boot socks)

5. használtruha-kereskedés - ɦazznaːlt /ruɦa kɛrɛskɛdɛːs - (secondhand clothing store)

6. liszteszsák - lɪsstɛs ssaːk - (flour bag)

7. mézeskalácssütés (gingerbread baking)

8. cukroszacskó -  sukros zat͡sskɔ - (sugar packet)

9. rizsszem - rɪss zzɛm-  (grain of rice)

10. uzsiszsák -  ussɪ ssaːk - (snack bag)

11. csütörtök - t͡ssütörtök -  (Thursday)

12. tűzoltóság -dűzɔltɔːsaːk/ -  (fire department)

How many can you say, correctly? 😉

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