Offer for People with Special Dietary Needs

  • 25 Sep 2023 4:26 PM Offer for People with Special Dietary Needs
Kifli stands up for people with special diets: it maximizes the price of free-from products on the price of its traditional counterparts.

The decided to strategically reduce the prices of a range of specialty foods for the benefit of consumers with dietary restrictions. The domestic online food retailer with the highest turnover is aware of the growing demand of families with special diets, who often pay several times higher prices for free products.

That's why has lowered the prices of essential gluten-free, lactose-free, sugar-free and added-sugar products to keep them in line with traditional offerings. These prices will be capped at least until the end of the year.

"At Kifli we don't just sell food, our mission is to make great food accessible to everyone. Our deepest sympathies are with anyone living with dietary restrictions. We know how difficult it is for them to find products that fit their unique diet, as there is little choice in regular stores, and we don't think it's fair that they have to pay a higher price for them, and they spare no time and effort to get them from different parts of the city.

That's why we've decided to stand up for people with dietary restrictions by working with them to create a range that covers their needs and pushing down the prices of key gluten-free, lactose-free, sugar-free and added-sugar products to conventional product levels. Whether you are consuming these products due to your health condition or your own choice, we support you with a wide range of products and fair prices," said Gabriel Makki, CEO.

Kifli adjusts the price of an assortment covering the entire shopping area. The new prices are set at the level of standard branded products and the company also guarantees that the price of selected products will be capped at least until the end of this year. Kifli believes that a proactive change in pricing policy will contribute to improving the economic situation of families who have to follow a special diet. 


The expanding range is shaped by customers

"The fact that we can be the biggest online food retailer on the domestic market is due to our customers. Now it's time to restore the trust I've received, so I asked our customers to suggest products to expand the range.

They could submit their favourites online and received a lot of suggestions, for which I am very grateful. From here, Kifli's fantastic purchasing team has already solved the task and we are proud of the joint result, as a new assortment has been created that clearly reflects the needs of our customers," added Gabriel Makki.

The full range can be found here:

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