Launches Shopping Club For Pensioners & People With Disabilities

  • 3 Oct 2023 2:52 PM Launches Shopping Club For Pensioners & People With Disabilities
The Barrier-free Club is launched with exclusive offers and benefits to help the elderly and people with disabilities shop comfortably and economically. has launched another service, a shopping club that offers pensioners and disabled people discounts that can greatly facilitate everyday life and help them save money. The club's benefits include free shipping five days a week, exclusive discounts on nearly 130 products, telephone ordering assistance and a reduced lower order limit. Dedicated couriers for club members can also help with kitchen unloading on request.

"As our physical strength increases, in addition to retirement, our incomes are declining, shopping and carrying food home is becoming increasingly difficult, and quality food is sometimes harder to obtain, whether because of where we live, inflation in recent months and strained budgets. At Kifli we believe that access to high-quality and value-for-money food increases the quality of life. After supporting families with small children through our Kiflicske Club, we are taking our customer-centric service to the next level by serving and supporting the elderly and disabled by launching the Barrier-free club, which offers fantastic food at great prices with full service," said Gabriel Makki, CEO.

Since its launch in 2019, has been continuously supporting organizations and participating in actions. Among its key partners are Jamba Hungary, who help employees with disabilities find work. Several people work in the's accessible office thanks to Jamba.

Founder and CEO Sára Pásztor said the following: "Jamba provides training and individualized career development for people with disabilities who are motivated to develop. At the same time, Jamba promotes the inclusion of colleagues with disabilities in the workplace at its corporate partners. We are proud that at the relationships between able-bodied and disabled people are partnership and mutually constructive. Jamba supports partner companies from step zero of the selection process to the start of employment."

The One Plain One Reverse

Association for Inclusion team was also happy to join the initiative, who start accessibility from the basics: accessibility in the mind. "Our goal is to make society more inclusive towards people affected by disabilities, and to have a natural diversity and diversity. It is important to recognize why we do more when we cooperate, who can learn what from each other. Our method has been learning through experience for 6 years now.

So far, more than 10,000 children and adults have participated in our workshops, in the support group of concerned parents, in our trainings for professionals, in our corporate awareness-raising and team-building program" – explained Flóra Török, one of the founders of the association.

At the press event of the Barrier-free Club, it was stated that the Czech example has been operating successfully for years, so they expect success in Hungary as well, which is primarily measured by the satisfaction of existing and newly arriving customers.

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