is Taking Customer Experience to a New Level

  • 22 Mar 2023 4:26 PM is Taking Customer Experience to a New Level
The secret of the success of the popular online supermarket is that it develops its service along the lines of customer needs, thus fulfilling its mission of "eat well, live well" for everyone. With the recent innovations introduced, they offer an even higher customer experience for existing and future kiflis.

Freshness guarantee revolution

Kifli breaks with the traditional in-store shopping experience in all respects, so with them there is no need for the customer to check the freshness of the product for himself, professionals do this.

Both on the website and in the application, the company indicates the average shelf life next to the product with a so-called "Freshness Guarantee" badge. If the customer is not satisfied with the product, the refund process can be immediately credited to the buyer's profile without question.

More salvageable foods

"To guarantee freshness and increase availability, we are increasing the quantities delivered by our partners without extending the storage time in the warehouse. By doing so, we preserve the freshness and quality guaranteed to our customers.

To ensure that none of our great food is wasted, we have introduced new, forward-looking solutions for our customers. High-quality products, which are approaching their expiration date, are included in the category "Save food", where the buyer can buy them at a discount of up to 50 percent.

This way, you can easily try premium salmon or fantastic avocado on your daily menu without worrying about your budget," said Gabriel Makki, managing director of

More sustainable and affordable transport: eco-time slots

The company's mission is to revolutionize the customer experience and make shopping more sustainable without requiring customers to pay additional costs.

The introduction of eco-time slots is aimed at reducing the number of trips made in the same area. If they have already planned a tour to the area where the customer is ordering, one can choose from the eco-time slots, which will connect the customer to the route planned near - helping to save additional routes and valuable resources. And best of all, buyers can now save up to 300 Ft on shipping costs for these eco-friendly time windows.

"Innovation and research into new solutions are ongoing, so in the coming weeks we will come out with a lot of exciting news that will make the life of every family better in Budapest and beyond," Makki added.

The became operational in December 2019 with the definite aim of:

- provide quality food and service in Budapest and the surrounding settlements.

The Company quickly gained popularity on the streets of the capital and its catchment area, with orders delivered its number already exceeded 3 million in the fall of 2022, today also around Lake Balaton and Lake Velence.

Available services in addition to business success, pays great attention to sustainable operation are

- Recycled packaging materials 
- CNG fuel fleet
- Real solutions against food waste.

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