Community Matters: Best Airline to Fly to Budapest from US

  • 17 Jan 2024 10:22 AM
Community Matters: Best Airline to Fly to Budapest from US
On 1 January Susan B. asked: Community Matters: Best Airline to Fly int Budapest from US. For your interest here below are helpful hints and tips from 'Xpats in the Loop'.

José D:

- Try to avoid Wizz.

Ryan M:

- Whichever airline fits your times and dates. There's basically no difference between long haul carriers.

Charles F:

- It depends on few factors, including the class you are willing to travel, how much time and stops, where from the US you are traveling. All and all, from the European airlines, Lufthansa tends to be the most fair one. I hate airlines in general but Lufthansa is the one I hate the least because when they fail they do their homework with luggage returning and compensations.

Frankfurt is indeed bad especially the connection between Schengen and non-Schengen, still better connection facilities than Paris and Amsterdam. Flight is more comfortable than Air Europa and so on. They also have very smooth operations with the US flights (they don’t have those ridiculous passport checks at the gate for instance).

Alex K:

- My experience with connections in Munich and Frankfurt, Lufthansa's two hubs, has always been unhappy. The same with surly customer non-service and dreadful on-board food. I'm pleased that this is not always so -- what's your secret ? 😃

Ildikó A:

- No budget airlines…! British, Swiss, Lufthansa, KLM, Air France whichever you prefer and suits your travel needs…

Katalin K:

- Depends on where you fly from. I've had lots of issues with Lufthansa, but if you have easy connection to Frankfurt or Munich you could do that. I tend to opt for United and then transfer to one of the star alliance members. I also fly a lot with Wizz, you just need to prepare to pay for suitcase more than with others and watch your carry on.

Yuri L:

- There are no direct flights. The best connections from NYC are through KLM, Air France, or British Airways

Agnes Sz:

- United / connection with Lufthansa in Germany

Erika E:

- Aer Lingus to Dublin then Budapest - also on Aer Lingus or Ryanair. (Latter is not the best but I guess the more important is the long sector from the US). Another perk is travelling back from Dublin: pre-clearance on US border in Dublin…

Peter L:

- Coach class s..ks on all of them, let’s face it. KLM, BA, LH - all the same. AF used to have some baggage handling issues if you transfer at DeGaulle.…

Robert G: 

- You might check flights to Vienna and then take a train - that can be an option. Otherwise, choose European flights (especially if you fly economy) the service is better than that of US carriers.

Jesse S:

- They're all the same and dependent on what aircraft you get personally I like the older planes since they have a bit more room.

Sherri M:

- I fly whoever has the best price for when I want to go. I’ve flown both Air France and Lufthansa. For a handful (or a few hands 😉) of hours, I’m not paying hundreds of $$ more just to be in better seats. We all arrive at the same time...

Janos I:

- Aeroflot

Michael B:

- Swiss Air

Rita J:

- I’m a frequent flyer between LA and Budapest. Try to fly Lufthansa or Swiss, connection Munich or Zurich. These 2 are small airport and the easiest connection.

Mia H:  

- Swiss air or Lufthansa

Marcus F:

- Lufthansa or KLM, but don't fly the routes that stick you on United planes for the Atlantic flight... it was much worse.

Juliana Sz:

- I like LOT Polish Airlines - they are the best.

Peter S:

- Lufthansa, Swiss, or maybe Austrian.

Hope P:

- The main thing is to get a flight operated by a European carrier, not their US partner.

Viktor R:

- SpaceX

Adrienn N:

- Turkish Airlines via Istanbul, no kidding.

Sandor F: 

- Emirates

Gabor V:

- Never fly with KLM

Lukács A P:  

- Swiss Air (no Edelweiss!) or LOT, the rest s..ks.
1. Comfortable
2. Zurich and Warsaw airports are really okay…

Monika D:

- Lufthansa is my go-to airline.

Josey W:

- Depends on point of origin. But none are wonderful. West Coast / Delta has a good connection. Not sure about other places.


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