Bolygó Budapest: Margit Quarter's Eco-Focused, International Community Hub

  • 25 Mar 2024 5:10 AM
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Bolygó Budapest: Margit Quarter's Eco-Focused, International Community Hub
As part of the Planet One initiative supporting the global youth movement for climate justice, Bolygó (Planet), an international community space on Margit körút, focuses on environmental protection.

A professional makerspace, podcast studio, and screening room await those with a great idea on the subject. You will find a supportive community full of acceptance and openness, and realise that thinking green is not only a duty and an interest but also a basic human need that must be met to feel good about ourselves.

Perhaps what we are most looking forward to in the renewal of Margit körút is not the hip cafés, fashion stores, and galleries, but the initiatives that will help the residents become a more socially active civil community supporting good causes.

We're big fans of Habitat for Humanity's long history of addressing housing issues. That's why we were excited to visit their new project in Bolygó. Launched at the end of last year, it focuses on empowering Gen Z to build a green, eco-conscious community through shared goals.

The Bolygó Community Space is part of the international Planet One initiative, a collaboration between Greenpeace and the Swedish youth project Fryshuset.

In total, six countries participate in the initiative, including Kenya, Cameroon, Armenia, Hungary, South Africa, Sweden, and South Africa, aiming to create a socially active and environmentally committed community of young people.

The projects have been developed according to the participating countries' customs and social features. In South Africa, for example, clear project goals are established from the outset. In Hungary, however, the focus is empowering communities to thrive.

Bolygó's vision is to foster a vibrant, socially engaged micro-community. Their journey began in 2021 with programs held at Turbina, a downtown community space.

The current location on Margit körút is a testament to the organization's dedicated core group, who are actively involved and eager to contribute. And there is no better symbol of this active community than the location, as the former shoe shop has been completely transformed thanks to the work of around 100 volunteers.

They rejected the idea of a sterile, generic space. Instead, they envisioned a place infused with the community spirit. Members rolled up their sleeves, painting, varnishing, and taking ownership through hands-on refurbishment. This commitment to authenticity resonates with us deeply.

Everyone has put their heart and soul into the work, creating a multifunctional place that focuses on things that matter. There's a fully equipped podcast room and a makerspace, a screening/workshop room with a projector, you can pop in to chill out and read about the environment or just check some emails on your laptop without having to order a coffee.

The place is also open to new ideas about environmental protection and education, so feel free to contact them if you need professional help to make it happen.

Thanks to the openness and diversity of the site, a wide range of activities have already been organised in the last few months.

It's also worth checking out their Facebook page, where board game nights (the next one on March 28th), excursions, and children's activities pop up.

The makerspace has buzzed with activity, from birdhouse building and paper marbling workshops to engaging events. In the main hall, film screenings, lectures, and even a Fridays For Future conference have brought the community together.

So if you are up for joining a supportive network and unleashing your inner eco-entrepreneur, Bolygó is the place to be in Budapest. It empowers you to make a difference, one green action at a time.

Contact details: 
Bolygó Közösségi Tér
1027 Budapest, Margit körút 28-32.


Photo courtesy: Bolygó

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