'My Budapest' By Zsuzsa Bakonyi

Zsuzsa specializes in travel photography (working for a main touristic website), NGOs, local businesses, architecture and personal photography (portraits, weddings). 

She has also been involved in the artistic and cultural scene both as an artist and as an organizer. She has had several exhibitions, including at Mai Manó House of Photography and Capa Centre in Budapest, and also several exhibitions abroad. 

In her personal projects, she is mostly interested in love, connection, intimacy, community identity and relationships. She is a multi media artists, using text, installation and performance and dance aside from photography.

Zsuzsa has been a passionate teacher all her life. She is giving private photography classes for expats and Hungarians alike. 'Of course, many expats find me, I guess there are not many people offering a photocourses in English. I realized there is a big need for this.' 

She has also developed a special phototour, where she mixes discovering Budapest and learning photography. She was amongst the first to start this product in Budapest and it has been a big success ever since.See her website here  Find more information about her courses and tours here

  • 26 Mar 2018
  • Zsuzsa Bakonyi
  • 40 photos