Joyous Winter Concert At BISB

Sarah James, Director of Performing Arts at BISB:
"I am incredibly proud of all the students involved in this week’s Winter Concerts.

Watching our students collaborate and support each other across the age ranges at our Winter Concert really highlighted to me the power of the Performing Arts as a discipline and how it enables us to communicate and express ourselves as one.

Our students involved in this concert have shown commitment and dedication and as a result, they have built relationships that have allowed them to share experiences and connect as a student body throughout the whole school."

Richard Dyer, the Principal at BISB, told XpatLoop:
"Our Winter Concert was exhilarating. The virtuosity of our students’ performances across music and drama was astonishing.

In everything from a ukulele ensemble through to our big band and our orchestra, the energy, skill and enjoyment were palpable. Even our parents and teachers joined in with a Community Choir performance with harmonies that sent shivers up my spine. 

The pieces chosen were by no means easy to perform. In our school we expect more and we challenge all students to go beyond what they think is possible. This was clear these past evenings. It is no surprise to us when our students reach such exceptional heights, but it sometimes is to them and their parents, to everyone’s delight!"

Stephen Linfitt, Publisher of XpatLoop:
"The team at were really delighted to attend this annual event again, our spirits were lifted by the joyful energy created by everyone involved, congratulation to everyone at BISB including all the support staff.

We hope readers like the gallery below, filled with photos of children's natural joy when entertaining so wonderfully. 
Joy attracts more joy, and we're happy to share it, may joy be with you this winter season!"

Concert Venue:
The British International School, Budapest
1037 Budapest, Kiscelli köz 17.

Photos by Russell Skidmore for
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  • 7 Dec 2018
  • Russell Skidmore
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