Xpat Wine Picnic, Becketts Terrace, 28 July

Met some fascinating people. Had a blast. A top evening out, thanks!" said Mary Murphy the morning after a fair few glasses of fine Hungarian wine. It was a special night indeed for guests of the Xpat Wine Club, as there were no less than five wineries on hand for guests to sample 18 different wines from in total. Where does Mary’s sausage reference come from you may wonder, well this ‘wine picnic’ was held at Declan O Callaghan's popular Irish Bar - now located at Liszt Ferenc tér - and it featured a few samples from the pub’s menu. For those who couldn’t make it, sorry to say you really missed out, there was a wide selection of sparkling, whites, rosés and reds from local makers Ax, Fritz, Hilltop, Jammertal, and Twickel. Whites and rosés took the prize given the warmth of the evening, though the reds had many fans. To read more just click here

Photos by Russell Skidmore for XpatLoop.com
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  • 30 Jul 2015
  • Russell Skidmore
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