Zsófi Megyeri, Artist, Art Teacher

  • 20 Sep 2017 12:00 PM
Zsófi Megyeri, Artist, Art Teacher
Zsófi Megyeri is a Hungarian artist-teacher. She got her MA diplomas - Form Design & Visual Art Teacher- in 2000 and 2001 at Moholy-Nagy Art University, MOME, Budapest.

She lived in London between 2002 and 2009, where she had several solo exhibitions of her oil paintings: Oporto Gallery 2004, Hungarian Cultural Center 2008, Kite Art Studio 2009.

She has a wide range of experience in education, running a course on teacher training, giving art lessons in high schools, teaching a design course at MOME Art University, running several arts and crafts courses for young people of varying ages. In London she also worked as a gallery educator in the Envie`dArt Gallery.

After returning to Budapest in 2009 Zsófi has established the Alkotópont Art Studio, where she teaches drawing and painting for children and adults, she also does mentoring for Milestone Portfolio Students.

Her artworks can be found on instagram.com/zsofimegyeri/

1. Where did you grow up?
Budapest: in Kende utca, then in Szilfa utca.

2. If you could be an expat anywhere in the world, where would you choose?
In Brasil or in Cornwall, South-West England

3. What would you miss most if you moved away from Hungary?
First of all my family, the lake Balaton and the casual bumping into friends anywhere I go.

4. Friends are in Budapest for a weekend - what must they absolutely see and do?
Summer option: going up to János hegy by Children's Railway, enjoy the view from the Erzsebet look-out tower, then coming down with the "Libegő" chairlift and check the newly refurbished "Lóvasút" exhibition place at Zugliget. Winter option: open-air thermal bath when there is snowfall.

5. What is your favourite food?
Stuffed paprika and stuffed cabbage - of course, the way my mom prepares it :)

6. What is your favourite sport / form of exercise?
I love riding my bike and making excursions in the woods

7. What is your favourite place in Hungary?
The Lake Balaton and The Káli Basin (Northern part of Balaton)

8. What career other than yours would you love to pursue?
I wouldn't change a thing, my 'job' is my 'dream come true'.

9. What’s a job you would definitely never want?
Scuba diver or speleologist.

10. Where did you spend your last vacation?
Camping in the beautiful Western part of Hungary, I attended a rural festival.

11. Where do you hope to spend your next one?
Because I lived 7 years in London, I really want to go back to show my second home-town to my 2 years old son.

12. What was your favourite band, film, or hobby as a teen?
Hungarian folk and jazz bands, full-time socializing and my drawing lessons.

13. Apart of temptation what can’t you resist?
Physical contact with my loved ones.

14. Red wine or white?
White - Irsai fröccs (with soda)

15. Book or movie?
Movie - periodic dramas and smart thrillers.

16. Morning person or night person?
I was a night person before my son was born… it has changed since :)

17. Which social issue do you feel most strongly about?

18. Buda or Pest side?
Buda, the hilly part. I think it is a great gift to have all those greens in the city!

19. Which achievement in your life are you most pleased about?
Establishing my art-school, and the fact that all of my portfolio students got into art universities.

20. What would you say is your personal motto?
Everyone is capable of learning drawing and painting. For this 2 things are needed: enthusiasm and a teacher who tells all the secrets!

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