After their most beloved friend, Vince dies in an accident, Marcell, the rich but burnt-out architect and the rest of his loser childhood buddies decide to team up for the last time to fulfill their friend's last wish and smuggle his crappy painting into the most prestigious art auction of Budapest, organized by Vince's father, a snob art dealer who rejected his son for becoming a poor artist instead of following his footsteps into the world of money and prestige.

Director(s): Lóth Balázs

Starring: Mészáros Béla, Petrik Andrea, Elek Ferenc, Szabó Simon, Inotay Ákos, Jászberényi Gábor, Hegedűs D. Géza, Reviczky Gábor, Járai Máté, Rodrigo Crespo, Horváth Ákos

Genre: Comedy, Action

Length: 0

Release date: 2020-07-30



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