New Police Radar Units In Hungary Begin Operation In April

  • 2 Apr 2015 1:30 AM
New Police Radar Units In Hungary Begin Operation In April
The new mobile radar units will may well scare speeders, as the related fines are not cheap (see table of fines below). The new generation of mobile radar units are far more efficient than their predecessors, and speeding is not the only thing they can detect. So the time has come for motorist to really concentrate on driving rather than chatting on their phones without hands-free car kits.

These new radar units that go by the name KKEP will be able to spot a range of malpractices, including the lack of seatbelt use, inappropriate changing of lanes and ignoring traffic lights. We have to realize that it is timely to pay a lot more attention to our speed and driving habits, or it will be a lot of money that we will be paying out instead.

The police have already been testing the new radar device since the beginning of the year. It is now official that from this April they will be shifting from testing phase to full operation, so keep an eye out for them and drive safely.

Along with releasing a schedule of where and when to expect the new devices to operate, the Hungarian police have also presented the range of fines for each respective speed limitation.

The fines range from 30,000 HUF to 300,000 HUF, which can probably cause money concerns for most of us. At the end of this article you can see a table showing the exact fines we can expect in each speed zone.

The schedules for various parts of Hungary can be found at

As a side note, it might be a good idea to download Waze, a free application for both Android and IOS, as it can be used to see where we can find police radars.

Here is the table of fines in HUF:

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