Irie Maffia Concert, Online From Palace Of Arts In Budapest, 19 March


Irie Maffia Concert, Online From Palace Of Arts In Budapest, 19 March
Formed in 2005, Irie Maffia quickly became a fixture on headline stages at festivals and at top clubs countrywide.

And its no wonder, given that this band blending the styles of reggae, hip-hop, rock and funk is a genuine supergroup: not only does it have four (!) lead singers/rappers - Sena, MC Columbo, MC Kemon and Busa - but it also has a group of backing musicians with a host of accomplishments to their names on the domestic and international pop scenes.

The group's 2013 album, Nagyon jó lesz, proved to be a veritable hit parade: Zene Zeng, Feeling Great, Fever in Her Eyes, Badest, Bloodshot Eyes and Livin' it Easy featuring rappers Akkezdet Phiai all became instant party classics.

A full house at the Akvárium Klub brought a highly successful 18 months to a close.

The year 2015 marked the completion of Irie Maffias first decade. The band also returned to Müpa Budapest to perform its then new concert set.

Besides the dozen-strong band, several former members also took the stage, while some surprises also lied in wait at its jubilee concerts.

A new album was also set to see the light of day on the occasion of the band's 10th birthday, heralded by the hugely successful single and video Jump Up.
Place: Palace Of Arts
Address: 1095 Budapest, Komor Marcell utca 1.
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