'Cinetrip 100th Pool-Party', Rudas Bath, 3 April

  • 30 Mar 2010 2:00 AM
'Cinetrip 100th Pool-Party', Rudas Bath, 3 April
"After a brief mental arithmetic and rummaging through the archives, the magic number came up: the 3rd April Rudas sparty will be the 100th water-related Cinetrip. For this festive occasion we turn back the time: old and new audiovisual elements will be pleasantly stirred. In the swimming-pool DJs from the first parties, in the hall silent movies in a new disguise.

The party series, which originated from a group of friends and for years now has been considered an authentic Hungaricum, is based on a unique blend of local facilities and international audio-visual trends. In the last twelve years it has gained international popularity, as well as an ever widening local following.

Have you been to any of the first 100 pool-parties? Back in the time when DJs accompanied silent movies? In Király? In Széchenyi? At Gluglu? In Rudas? And do you always get to all rooms at the sparty? Do you manage to get to all performances in time, or sometimes you are distracted by something/ someone? Have you already seen Skylab LED installations? Were you there at the gigantic mirror ball? Have you waded out of the pool when watching Jaws? Have you saved the mp3 gifts on your mobile in the 2008 season? And how many waterproof Cinetrip bags do you have at home?

On the occasion of this round number, the stages of creative development emerge nostalgically, along with the myriad of memories salvaged from these technically and organizationally complex parties. Both in digital format and the recollection of sparty-goers. It is high time to gather for the 100th pool party, which is also the closing sparty of the spring season, and put our personal puzzles together.
What should you expect at the 100th occasion?

Nandee will be back with his deepwater electronica, while Titusz will definitely have some surprises in his record bag as usual. Palotai will follow them in the old spirit, and as a closing of the splendid audiovisual lighttherapeum, Kaszi will play an exceptional swimming pool trance dance for an hour. In addition, unexpected, fire-water and air-related performances, unique LED installation and laser show heighten the festive atmosphere.

The hall will open with a Caribbean vibe with Bosi, then Mango takes over with a heavy old school set, while Superman will excel in musical countdown. In the Turkish Bath Kaszi and Jácint, along with Amira and the Huris of the Bath, will turn back the time – interestingly enough this is the least altering section in the history of Rudas Bath and Cinetrip as well. The neighbouring Cabin Disco leads to a totally different era: Sanyi and Waxman will spin their funk soul and disco related favourites from ABC through Celebration to Underwater Love.

The party is the Rudas season-closing sparty as well, so if you haven’t been, you still get a chance to partake in the 100th before the summer!

Practical info:

Do not worry about how to keep your valuables dry: at the entrance you receive a waterproof bag for this purpose.


Audiovisual Lighttherapeum: 100 Nights
performances: Duotrixx (fire jugglers), Fényeső (laser show), aerialists
visuals: Skylab, VJs from Space

Beachauditory: centrifuge
Turkish Bath: Ambient Space Daze

at midnight: Amira and the Huris of the bath (bellydance)
Cabin Disco:

The organisers reserve the right to change the programme!

See you in Széchenyi over the summer.

Advance tickets to the CINETRIP 100 are available in Merlin. Hurry up, the rush is just starting."

Source: cinetrip.hu

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