First Private Hospital Has Opened In Budapest

  • 8 Sep 2010 1:00 AM
First Private Hospital Has Opened In Budapest
"In the heart of the city Dr. Rose Private Hospital has opened its doors, offering complex medical services, excellent professional and experienced background in an exclusive environment. The 600-million Forint investment all came about within one year.

The Dr. Rose Private Hospital, which serves as an extension of the established Dr. Rose Medical Center - providing out-patient services for 3 years already - welcomes patients with complex services, sick-wards and surgical expertise. All which are necessary for interventions which demand hospitalization.

The purpose of the extraordinary facilities has not been kept as a secret but instead it would like to provide an exclusive environment and a new perspective in the national health care system, which is unusual in Hungary. The Institute is service orientated; therefore consultations and examinations are adjusted to the schedule and personal requests of the patients.

The obstetrics department, called MamaRose, receives special emphasis in the establishment located at Roosevelt square. This unique service and one-stop-shop facility covers all the different stages involving obstetrics – from family planning, childbirth to child after care.

The founders of Dr. Rose Private Hospital, which officially opened on the 1st of July 2010, have a unique medical service approach. They believe in a fully service orientated institute which exceeds your expectations far and beyond known from the current local medical suppliers.

The main objective within the approach is to fulfill all patients’ requests to a level where they do not clash with physical obstacles or medical professional rules. All of this is offered within a unique interior world which is completely different from the normal hospital environment and cites an exclusive hotel atmosphere, for example an A ’la carte meal selection or the nonstop room service facilities.

The owners kept the 600-million Forint investment all within reason, which materialized within one year, because the demand has grown more and more for an out-patient service in order that the patients can receive the same quality attendance when requiring hospitalization. The investors waited for a 10-15 year return in terms of the demand and created services accordingly. They forecasted a 30% growth in turnover at the end of 2010, in comparison to last year.

The staff comprises of approximately 50 experienced doctors and nurses. Their work is supported by modern medical equipment and technology, which provides an opportunity to make a quick and correct diagnosis. In addition, at Dr. Rose Private Hospital the examinations are adjusted to the schedule of the patients, therefore there is no queuing and waitlists for surgeries.

Dr. Illanitz Elemér, the Director of the private hospital, stated: “Our aim is to fill the market gap as an innovative and professional service provider, where we have no competitors in the confines of Budapest. We work with the most modern available surgical equipment and materials when attending to our patients. It goes without saying that the professional expertise and international experience are the most crucial elements when selecting doctors and staff to become part of the Dr. Rose team. In addition, they should also prove with their attitude that patients come first.

At Dr. Rose Private Hospital, covering an area of 2000sqm, the obstetric department, called MamaRose, plays a major role in providing fully inclusive services and facilities, which cover family planning, childbirth and child after care. This department consists of a conventional and an alternative obstetrical room; as well as an exclusive fully equipped obstetrical apartment.

The establishment, located at Roosevelt square, has 6 consulting rooms, 1-1 X-ray, ultrasound and mammography room, 15 patient and 3 surgical rooms. The out-patient services are performed covering altogether 28 different specialties! We put great emphasis on the different kinds of screening options, lifestyle programs and paediatric services.

The hospital department covers the following surgical specialties: vascular surgery, general surgery, gynecology, otorhinolaryngology, orthopedics, plastic surgery and urology. Gynecology, orthopaedics and general surgery are treated as a priority during which the different surgeries are performed by local specialists who are the most experienced in the given type of surgery.

At Dr. Rose Private Hospital, patients receive high levels of attention in comparison to national hospitals as we allocate one nurse to an average 2 patients or on request personal attendance can also be provided.

The five-star concept supported the unique designing of Dr. Rose Private Hospital from the aspect of interior decoration. A famous interior decorator was the creative mind behind the whole project. The interior creates an atmosphere which can be compared to an elegant hotel and not to the standard health center or hospital look and feel. Comfortable bathrooms adjacent each room. In addition basic equipment such as air-conditioning, LCD TV monitors, minibar, safe and WiFi all contributes to a comfortable experience

As expected most of the middle and top managers and their family members who live in the capital or in its agglomeration, have already resorted to the services of Dr. Rose Private Hospital. This also includes people who are willing to spend more money to receive high levels of medical services.

The examinations, surgeries and flat rate packages, which are available to private individuals and businesses, take a position not only in the domestic public. The owners count for active foreign enquiry on the grounds of feedback. The cost structure at Dr. Rose Private Hospital equals what is found in Western European countries.

The emphasized departments at Dr. Rose Private Hospital – hospital, obstetrics and consulting rooms, can be further studied on 3 different webpages. These are all promoted distinctively from each other in content and design."

For more information visit:
1051 Budapest, Roosevelt square 7-8.

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