Introducing The Jewel Of The Year 2012 In Hungary

  • 27 Feb 2012 8:00 AM
Introducing The Jewel Of The Year 2012 In Hungary
"After last year’s big success PannonArts Gallery has called the tender ‘Jewel of the Year’. This year again, the field was pretty varicolored. There are also wonderful jewels, which are not made from conventional jewel raw materials but from recycled materials, concrete, paper, plastic or textile materials. The jury has chosen the jewel of the year from more than hundred works of fifty-five artists, the work titles ‘Cross Stitch’ by Fanni Vékony.

Fanni Vékony writes about her work:
‘It reminists the cross stitch embroidery of Szabolcs - Szatmár.

” My first handicraft works has been completed under the instruction and supervision of my grandmother’.

This cheerly mood reministing familiar memories reflects on the sensitive elaboration of the atr piece’s hard raw material.
Fanni Vékony uses the traditional folk forms in a way that is more than simple reproducing.

She applies is, transforms it into her proper ‘formlanguage’ and the result is that the childhood memories are to reborn in contemporary art value. The small balls that are decorating the brooch can be replaced and so the pattern can be changed after the wish of the wearer.

It's contemporary raw material, inetactivity and the 21st centory reflexions of folk motifs that make it the Jewel of the Year in 2012.

It was an especially important goal of PannonArts Galery to search and also to help young talents.

The curiosity of this year's tender was that many entrant young people has entered with many high standard works, so the jury had a tough job to choose 'The entrant of the Year'.

Finally, Eszter Smid received it for her ring 'Forintvirág'.

This ring was made from the once used one-forint coins, recycles them in a creative way with its playfulness, its flowers that can move and even give a sound are fresh novelty in the Hungarian jeweldesign.

The jury, Katalin Sprengler arthistorian, Rita Somosi arthistorian (FISE), Krisztián Ádám art teacher at MOME, Béla Horváth art collector and Péter Szűcs leading editor of Marie Claire magazin, has - apart from the two awards mentioned above - given a special commendation to Lilla Szabó's paper-jewels and has chosen another six artists who become a possibility to introcuct themselves on the exhibition JeweloftheYear2012 from 2-4th March in the expostion "Lakástrend".

The audience award is not decided yet, votes may come on and on the facebook page of Lakástrend.

All of the entering jewels can be viewed on the Facebook page og PannonArts Design Gallery.

Beside the nine artists chosen, the Gallery holds up a tenth exhibition case for the jewels that become the most 'like'."

Source: PannonArts Gallery

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