Invitation: Gourmet Gastro Festival In Budapest, 3 - 5 June

  • 1 Jun 2012 9:02 AM
Invitation: Gourmet Gastro Festival In Budapest, 3 - 5 June
The Gourmet Festival is an exciting gastronomical replica of Hungary. Presenters will participate from around the country, so all the culinary pleasures that otherwise would only be accessible after quite a travel, will be available here in one place. Between June 8 and 10, visitors can enjoy cultural delights in addition to culinary ones at the renewed OTP Klub Gourmet festival: Veronika Harcsa, !DelaDap and Kiscsillag Akusztik will be performing among others.

At the Gourmet, one can get a taste of the entire Hungary in one place. The festival is dedicated year after year to feature the best restaurants, wineries, and palinka distilleries, as well as showcasing family farmers and an authentic market atmosphere.

The OTP klub Gourmet Festival represents the essence of Hungarian culinary events, with over one hundred exhibitors bringing the best flavors from each corner of the country. This is where the most outstanding restaurants from inside and outside of the capital converge, in addition to the most notable wine makers, and for the first time, craft brewers will also compete for the visitors attention.

One of the biggest innovations of this year’s Gourmet will be to offer an all-encompassing experience for the palate by matching the excellent cuisine of the restaurants with wines that complement them the best. Each restaurant will be paired with a winery, thereby creating a harmony of food and beverage based on the recommendation of the experts.
We can taste here the finest flavors in Hungarian cheese, meats, pastry or jams.

In addition to helping the visitors to learn more about our gastronomy, the goal of the renewed Gourmet is to provide them with such experiences, tastes and impressions that would enrich and enhance their eating habits. The OTP klub Gourmet Festival aims to provide its guests with a fuller picture of the top products and services of Hungary’s culinary world.

The list of those who will be representing high quality gastronomy at the event include names like Costes Restaurant, Pest-Buda Bistro, Mandula Restaurant and Wine Bar, Bock Bistro, 21 – Hungarian Restaurant, Tigris Restaurant, Café Pierrot Restaurant, Rosenstein Restaurant, Mezzo Music Restaurant, Kistücsök, Arany Kaviár Restaurant, as well as Pastrami Restaurant and Cafe. In addition to previous presenters, new entrants will include Fülemüle and the Boscolo Salon Restaurant, Spazio Caffé Manuel Bistro, Borkonyha, Rosinante Restaurant from Szentendre, 67 Restaurant from Székesfehérvár, Chianti Restaurant from Veszprém, Gusteau Culinary Experience Workshop from Mád, Walter Restaurant from Perbál, La Mareda Restaurant from Győr, as well as Villa Bagatelle.

To the delight of gourmets, we will feature the Agárdi Pálinka Restaurant, Anyukám mondta from Encs, Viator Apátsági Restaurant and Wine Bar from Pannonhalma, Jankovich-kúria form Rácalmás, Chateau Visz from Visz, as well as the Bajai Halászcsárda – Budapest. The guests will be pleased by Baldasti’s Grand, and the Kitchen. Those who would like to taste the cuisine of the Káli Art Inn will not have to drive for hours either, since they will also be at the event.

The task to sweeten up the weekend will be spectacularly performed by such pastry shops as Gerbaud, Pataki, Auguszt, as well as Lila Körte Café and the Harrer pastry shop from Sopron.

In addition to flavors and zests, this year will bring cultural enjoyments to the program as well. The youngest ones will be entertained by the Alma band and Szilvi Bognár’s children’s show, while the adults can enjoy the performance of the Kerekes Band, Balogh Kálmán and the Gipsy Cimbalom band, the Eszter Váczi Quartett, the Veronika Harcsa Quartett, the Kisccsillag Akusztik, the Gitár Trió and the fire of exotic dance craze will be flamed by !DelaDap.

Opening hours: daily, from noon until  midnight

Entrance fee: HUF 2,900 per person, per day (cash only, includes a tasting glass and a 'Festival Card'*
Free entry for kids under 11

*The 'Festival Card' (Fesztiválkártya) is the only form of payment accepted at the Budai Gourmet. Unfortunately, the original card comes with a zero balance and needs to be topped up (cash or cc accepted, for cc HUF 100 fee applies). Should you have a remaining balance on the card, it can be cashed in during the festival only.

Day wristband

The day wristband is valid from noon to 12 pm of the given day.
You can enter the festival from noon to 11pm on the given day with that day’s ticket.
For the duration of the validity of the ticket, you are entitled to attend all the programmes listed in the official booklet of the festival, as well as having access to all the free services, such as use of bicycle sheds, lockers and safes.


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