Getaway From Budapest To Warsaw With Ryanair

  • 9 Aug 2012 12:35 PM
Getaway From Budapest To Warsaw With Ryanair
Warsaw has come a long way since its near complete destruction in the Second World War. This vibrant, busy city has slowly been emerging as a new cultural diamond of the East and forms the centre of modern Poland. And while shiny skyscrapers, new restaurants and funky clubs shoot like mushrooms from the soil, Warsaw’s many historic buildings serve as a reminder of this city’s glorious history.

Warsaw has come a long way from the grey, Soviet concrete jungle of the post-war era. Its historic town centre, which was almost completely destroyed in the Second World War, has regained its former glory thanks to a painstaking reconstruction. Based alongside the beautiful Vistulaa river, this historic capital has been emerging as one of Eastern Europe’s finest cultural spots.

Whether you are looking for breathtaking castles, inspirational art galleries, first-class restaurants or an increasingly thriving night life—you will find it in Warsaw. At the same time, Warsaw has retained a very personal, charming touch. Its many historic buildings and monuments help us remember and relive the eventful, glorious and often troubled history of this new metropolis.

Polish cuisine is more than just beetroot soup and red cabbage, and you will realise this once you set foot in one of Warsaw’s many exquisite restaurants. Whether you fancy an old traditional Polish soup with a modern twist or a first-rate French beef tartare, your culinary desires are certain to be fulfilled. And when it comes to desserts, you are in for a real treat. After all, Varsovians have a very sweet tooth.

Warsaw night life has improved dramatically in recent years and can well compare to that of its Eastern European neighbours. Start the night by sipping a cocktail or glass of wine in one of the fine bars that are scattered across the city. If you like clubbing, there is a good choice of venues—from groovy, alternative clubs to stylish jazz venues, you are guaranteed a night of joy.

Warsaw has plenty to offer, its diverse history and interesting sights has made Warsaw one of Poland’s most popular tourist destinations.

Old Town - With its cobbled streets and colourful houses, the Old Town marks the focal point of Warsaw. At the centre of this UNESCO World Heritage site lies the town square, Rynek Starego Miasta, which boasts a lively and charming atmosphere. The Old Town is also home to a number of beautiful churches and monuments, excellent coffee shops and restaurants.

Royal Castle - Formerly home to Poland’s kings, the Royal Castle, or Zamek Królewski, is an impressive landmark, situated only a short walk from the Old Town. Take a peek at the King’s apartment or pay a visit to the galleries exhibiting paintings, coins, medals and carpets.

Park Lazienki - One of the most beautiful green spots of Warsaw. Take a stroll around its dazzling lakes or visit the stunning Neoclassical Palace on the Water (Palac Lazienkowski). The park is also home to the Chopin Monument, celebrating the famous Polish composer, and a range of smaller castles.

Chopin Museum - The Muzeum Fryderyka Chopina provides visitors with a unique behind-the-scenes glimpse at the life and work of Poland’s famous composer. It includes extremely valuable manuscripts, personal letters as well as Chopin’s last piano.

Historical Museum Of Warsaw - An extensive collection of clippings, photographs and other exhibits covering every aspect of the city’s history, from its foundation in the 13th century to the present day. Closed on Monday.

The National Museum - Boasts an excellent collection of paintings—both old and modern—as well as an impressive art library and a fine collection of old maps and prints. Closed on Monday.

Centre for Contemporary Art - Describing itself as a "place for the creation and documentation of art in all its forms", this centre offers a variety of art exhibitions, presentations of visual theatre, concerts of contemporary music, experimental film screenings and more. Housed inside the Ujazdowski Castle. Closed on Monday.

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