Invitation: Onion Festival, Makó, Hungary, 7 - 8 September

  • 5 Sep 2013 9:00 AM
Invitation: Onion Festival, Makó, Hungary, 7 - 8 September
Experiences in flavours and gastronomy; a bustling fair and superb concerts will entertain visitors at the Onion Festival of Makó on September 7 and 8. You can walk in the “Street of Flavours”, see folk art and talk with the ones who make them. There will be a wide selection of the products of local farmers and manufacturers exhibited. You can taste food made with onion – bread, strudel and scone.

Limara, a famous gastro-blogger will produce savoury food made with garlic. You can sample fine wines, delicious cheeses and yummy meat. There will be a contest for chefs, folk music and folk dance shows, children’s programmes and Hungarian star performers, such as Apostol and Beatrice. There will be a firework display in the evening.

Programs of the festival:

Saturday, September 07, 2013

9:00 Flag raising (Szegedi Street)
9:30 Festival opening parade Procession of musicians, Knights of Onion and the Onion Foundation
8:00-14:00 “Full Cauldron” cooking contest civil organizations and teams of friends compete to find the best chef Master of Ceremonies is: László Molnár
10:00- Limara’s bakery A famous gastro-blogger bakes throughout the day and hands out delicious samples
10:00- Fruit carving by Sándor Tánczos, master of fruit carving 10:00- BÁBaKALÁCS – Making traditional gingerbread
10:00-19:00 “Little Onion” – Playground for children including: Petting animals Folk art toys Folk art merry-go-round Riding pony drawn carts
10:00 Opening ceremony at the fountain by the mayor, Dr. Peter Buzas and the president of the Onion Foundation 11:00 Live concert by ALMA group
13:00 Results of the “Full Cauldron” cooking contest
14:00 Folk music concert
15:00 JAMBÓZA Puppet Circus
16:00 Live concert by PÉTER GERENDÁS
17:00 Folk dance performance by the FORGATÓS folk dance group
18:00 Performance on stilts by VAGABANDA
20:00 Live grand concert by the group APOSTOL
22:00 Fireworks display

Sunday, September 08, 2013

10:00-19:00 “Little Onion” – playground for children
10:00 Live concert by HARAMIA EGYÜTTES for children
10:00 Duna Döner Kft. making Döner kebab and sharing free samples
11:00 VITÉZ LÁSZLÓ puppet theatre
12:00 Live concert by VACKOR ZENEKAR
14:00 Musical show for children by PÉTER MIKOLA
15:00 Live concert by IRIGY HÓNALJMIRIGY
16:00 Live concert by PAPA JAZZ SEVEN
18:00 Awarding festival prizes
20:00 Live grand concert by BEATRICE

All concerts are free of charge

Goods to be found at the fair: shoes, toys, homemade cheeses, herbal teas, wood carving, homemade honey, “Makolade” (the official chocolate of Makó), wickerwork, gingerbread, leather goods, henna painting, condiments, sweets, rugs, beading, Tiffany glasswork, painted furniture, bullwhip, souvenirs, jewellery minerals, homemade soaps, homemade jewellery, folk art products, furrier products, national bookstore, cosmetics, silver plated jewellery, balloons, painted gift items, Tin Soldiers, mugs, glasses, lots of tasty food and drinks, foods made with onion, everything you can imagine…
The Onion Festival of Makó is subsidised by the Ignác Darányi Project of the New Hungary Rural Development Programme. The event is part of a complex project to present regional traditions and products and to maintain international relations.

The festival is to popularise local and regional services, products and events. Thus, anyone participating in the festival is a winner. It is useful to take part both as a visitor and as an active participant. The goal is to facilitate selling local and regional products, to create valu-added programs and entertaining events, to provide a better living in everyday life and to establish meaningful contacts. All of this is part of the program supported by the Ignác Darányi Project of the New Hungary Rural Development Programme. The project will terminate in October 2014.


Zöldségcentrum Kft. Nemzeti Agrárkamara Bruder János Kertbarát Kör Hagyma Lovagrend Hagyma Termék Tanács Múlt és Jelen Iparosai Vallker Kft. OTP lakástakarék Zrt. Népi magyaros ruhák Czagány Gazdabolt Armatura-Plusz Kft. Míves Munkák Mesterei Kincskereső Könyvesbolt Hagymavirág Foltvarró Egyesület “Street of Flavours”:
Szent Pétör Serpenyője Limara Péksége Döner terasz Mesterpék Látványpékség Siket Borászat Tótkomlósi kolbász Hegyes István Borkereskedés Fröccsbusz Kürtöslegenda Twist&Chips Gyöngycukrászda- hagymás rétes Gerizdesi hagymás kifli Makói Jóbarátok hagymás pogácsája Nosztalgia Fagylalt Óriás palacsinta, Tortilla

Detailed list of programs, information and trip planning can be found on the official web page of the festival:

Those who need accommodation can find and book rooms here

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