Cheap Castles For Sale In Hungary

  • 24 Oct 2013 6:30 AM
Cheap Castles For Sale In Hungary
Many of Hungary’s historic homes, estates, and even castles are now for sale, but the demand for them is very low. There are incredible offers on the market, but buyers need to be aware of castle maintenance difficulties. Hungarian castles and mansions are becoming cheaper, writes popular newspaper Napi Gazdaság. At Balatonboglár a resort town situated on the south shore of Lake Balaton, a fully renovated 477 square metre castle sitting on a 3834 square metre parkland is for sale for only HUF 37 million.

Some properties still cost billions of forints, but there is no one to buy them. The demand for these mansions has dropped so much, that the already low prices can be reduced by an additional 20-25%.

In Sopron, Sárvár, Lake Balaton, and Bükk Mountains there are smaller castles for sale starting from HUF 10 million.

Another reason for the drastic price drop is that it can be hard to make use of (or exploit) these huge properties.

At the Western Transdanubia, eight, previously completely renovated mansions operated as hotels, were padlocked after the peak season.

Some municipal properties are also becoming cheaper as they are beyond the cities’ carrying capacity.

Source: ORIGO

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