Invitation: Martin’s Day Wine Festival, Budapest, 8 - 10 November

  • 24 Oct 2013 9:00 AM
Invitation: Martin’s Day Wine Festival, Budapest, 8 - 10 November
The St. Martin’s Day Wine Festival was organised for the first time in 2011 by Danubius Hotel Gellért. They wanted to show that the Gellért is also an excellent place for the relaxed atmosphere of a festival, precisely because of its unique character and the contrast. Close to 50 Hungarian wineries presented their best wines. In addition to new, artisanal and fine old wines from the smallest up to the most famous cellars. The success far exceeded their expectations and they are continuing the tradition.

This year they are preparing to hold the 3rd Martin’s Day Wine Festival from 8 to 10 November 2013. The intention has become a tradition. Both the Gellért building and the Baths Hall will be used for the festival, welcoming guests for three days in a total space of 3000 m2.

At the first two festivals the hotel created a valuable series of events and this year they are continuing the tradition with even more colourful and substantial programmes, offering both gastronomic and cultural values. During the three-day event they would like to demonstrate their high standard hospitality that pays attention to every detail.

Goose Feast Tour : Wines – Geese – Nations

Friday, Saturday


Bortársaság, Wine Company – in the company of good wines. And another word springs to mind in this connection: quality. Hotel Gellért linked these concepts for the organisation of the Martin’s Day Wine Festival: the Bortársaság will be their professional partner in 2013.

After joint, careful selection they are presenting the most outstanding wineries in all of the Hungarian wine regions. Prize-winning wine-makers give unlimited tasting of their premium wines and the up-and-coming wine-makers also introduce themselves.

The professional wine programmes are being organised by Borjour with their accustomed inventiveness. Wine-makers and wine-lovers can meet the world of wine in different suites of the Gellért, also providing an opportunity for festival guests to see places named after the most famous guests.


New wine, goose and Martin’s Day in abundance. And anyone who goes for the Martin’s Day Wine Festival in the Gellért will certainly not be hungry for the following year because, according to the old saying, this is why one should eat goose on Martin’s Day. In the field of gastronomy they have something new in store for this year’s wine festival: they will be stepping beyond the boundaries of Hungary and presenting Martin’s Day customs of other countries too.


Join for a Saint Martin European culinary journey! At the wine dinners outstanding chefs from four nations will add spice to Friday and Saturday evening in the Gellért Brasserie with typical Martin’s Day dishes of their countries. In addition to the gastro exhibitors, the Gellért’s food stands will offer international specialities for guests wishing to eat something between wine tastings.

In the evenings there will be a video disco and concerts in the Baths Hall. Between the various attractions well known groups from the Hungarian pop scene will guarantee a lively festival mood.

Gastro at the Wine Festival

Guests will find a big selection of food at the festival on Friday and Saturday at the tasting offered by our exhibitors and at the Gellért’s food stands.

The Gellért’s master chef and his team will offer international Martin’s Day specialities for those who want to eat something special while sampling wines.


On the third day of the wine festival a sensational Sunday brunch entices guests on a Martin’s Day gastro tour around the table. All you can eat and drink with specialities of four nations where the spotlight will be on goose dishes and new wine. There will be a 50% discount and children’s sparkling wine for young guests.

Colourful programmes for children will give a playful introduction to Martin’s Day folk customs of Hungary and Europe for both children and adults.

Venue: Danubius Hotel Gellért
Address: 1111 Budapest, Szent Gellért tér 1.

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