Vodafone Firsts – Make Your Dreams Come True

  • 14 May 2014 9:10 AM
Vodafone Firsts – Make Your Dreams Come True
Come up with what you’d like and make it come true for the first time! Play together with your favourite team, meet your idols or climb a mountain! It is a wonderful experience to achieve something for the first time, and sharing it with others and telling everyone about it makes it even better! And mobile technology is available everywhere, all the time; when you do it and also when you share it.

This is what Vodafone’s ‘Firsts’ programme, the ‘Pitch Your First’ is about, encouraging everyone to dream up their dreams, make them come true, and share them; thus securing the experience of a lifetime not only for the individual but also his/her immediate and wider environment.

On Wednesday evening the programme was launched simultaneously in 10 world cities, including Budapest.

‘We are very pleased that we could be one of the first units to bring the ‘Vodafone Firsts’ programme to Hungary – said Diego Massidda, CEO of Vodafone Hungary. As he stressed, it was Vodafone that introduced the concept of unlimited mobile usage to Hungary, and, due to its extensive network development programme, it can use its best ever network to provide mobile internet coverage over 98.3% of the country’s territory.

‘This is an excellent and essential basis to ensure that Vodafone can meet all user requirements, thus even contributing to the realisation of their dreams.’- he added.

Vodafone has selected 53 people for the launching of the ‘Pitch Your First’ campaign. They will have the opportunity to be the first to share with the world, in video messages, what it is that they could be the first at, and how they achieved it. It is their stories and experiences that the short video messages titled ‘Lifies’ will present.

The ‘Lifies’ clips will be projected onto a famous building in each of the above cities.

In Budapest, the public could view the clips as part of an impressive ‘light painting’ exercise, to be applied to the walls of the Piarist Grammar School in Március 15 Square, by Elisabeth Bridge on Pest side.

The first adventures and the resulting video clips are very versatile. We can, for example, view two Dutch grandmothers, who experienced flying for the very first time in their lives in an aeroplane. They will board for the second time also thanks to Vodafone in a hot air balloon to make their dreams come true. Thanks to mobile technology, their journey could be tracked all the way through using GPS co-ordinates. This way, they could share the unique moments of their flight whilst still high up in the air.

Then we can shift to a totally different world, and watch what it was like when a few days ago, in Berlin, over 500 fans played music together with their favourite band, Booka Shade.

We will be announcing the first-ever crowd-sourced gig video – to be created using footage taken by the audience’s smartphones – due to take place in June in London’s Wembley Stadium, where an unsigned band will perform its first-ever stadium show.

With the projection of the clips, the ‘Pitch Your First’ campaign will not, of course, come to an end. In fact, it will only be the start, as Vodafone’s ‘Firsts’ programme welcomes newer and newer participants. You may register for the Vodafone Firsts programme at the www.firsts.com website, or, in person, on Wednesday evening, at the location of the light painting session, by describing an idea or a long-held dream.

From the wishes and desires submitted, the Vodafone Firsts team will select the best 10 shortlisted finalists in each country. The shortlist will then be put to an online public vote, with one winner in each market seeing their dream become a reality in 2014, with Vodafone’s co-operation.

To find out more about Pitch Your First, including information on the entry terms and conditions, visit www.firsts.com.

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