Hungary’s Fidesz Official’s Personal Website A Little Too Personal

  • 14 Aug 2014 9:00 AM
Hungary’s Fidesz Official’s Personal Website A Little Too Personal
The website of the Fidesz state secretary for agriculture Róbert Zsigó was hacked in April 2013 and diverted visitors to a hardcore porn website for over a year, Blikk has discovered. After the tabloid informed the state secretariat of this, it deleted the site, saying the politician had been the “victim of a bad joke or an organized attack”.

Zsigó had had no idea about the new content of his website, although the diversion had been in place since April 2013. The Fidesz official had not updated for years, but still linked to it from his official profile on the Parliament website, and his Facebook page.

IT expert Balázs Bártfai told Index that it is unlikely the hackers were specifically targeting the politician’s website. Online criminals search the internet for unprotected sites with no security updates, which can be used to create parasite websites. Hackers either want to “steal” traffic from a website or to divert users to virus-infected pages to covertly attack the user’s PC, he added. Index also mentions, although the Hungarian Socialist Party’s official website is hosted at

Source: The Budapest Beacon

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