Vodafone Has Inaugurated Its New Visitor Centre In Budapest

  • 6 May 2015 9:00 AM
Vodafone Has Inaugurated Its New Visitor Centre In Budapest
Vodafone Hungary has commissioned a new Visitor Centre in its head office building, which shows the most important innovations in mobile technology, as well as present and future developments. Visitors can have a look at the workings of one of Vodafone’s key control centres, peeping into how the broadband network, which covers 98.4% of the country is operated and monitored.

As CEO Diego Massidda explained, the Visitor Centre’s ‘internal’ operation is also built upon mobile technology, allowing all functions to be controlled through a single tablet, including lighting, sun protection, the sound system, as well as all displays and their contents.

In the Visitor Centre, Vodafone’s current and future customers can find out about Machine-to-Machine solutions facilitating communication between machines and connecting more and more machines day by day with the help of mobile technology in an inspiring environment. It is expected that in the years to come M2M technology will transform our day-to-day lives to the core. Elevators, cars, agricultural equipment, cash registers, containers, blood pressure monitors – thanks to the built-in sensors and SIM cards, they will soon communicate with each other, without any human intervention.

As a result, M2M will change the operation of companies, creating new services and, consequently, generating new revenues. Vodafone’s international M2M SIM card can be used on the networks of other mobile operators as well; consequently, the connection will remain uninterrupted, wherever the monitored device may be.

In The Visitor Centre, visitors can have a closer glance at the Vodafone Office service introduced in the autumn of 2014, which allowed Vodafone Hungary to enter the market of fixed-line voice services as a virtual operator. In February, 2015 Vodafone Office was extended with virtual PBX and an interactive voice menu services (IVR), allowing us to offer a comprehensive telecommunications solution to corporate and government customers.

With the Vodafone Office service, companies can keep the fixed line numbers they have been using until now, and there will be no more lost calls either, whilst, owing to the most up-to-date service management functions, it will be possible to tailor the system to the unique requirements of customers.

Cloud-based services offering uninterrupted availability will, of course, also have a place in the Visitor Centre. They offer users a constant stream of regularly updated and up-to-date IT resources, with easy solutions made available for the high-standard protection, physical and otherwise, of information and the flexible scheduling of IT resources, in line with changing business requirements.

Vodafone relies on its 98.4% nation-wide outdoor 3G access and the broadest mobile Internet coverage in Hungary to provide Internet access for these services.

Vodafone created the Visitor Centre as the last stage in the process of reorganising its head office, started back in 2012. The primary objective of reorganising the head office was for Vodafone to become a real mobile office, relying on the same smart services it also offers to its customers.

During the development project, Vodafone created a flexible work environment, eliminating individual ‘cell’ offices and closed spaces. As a result, the company comfortably fits into a floor area of 7 500 square metres instead of the 10 thousand square metres it occupied before.

Vodafone has calculated that by surrendering some of the space and modernising the remaining areas, the energy consumption of the office building reduced by close to 128 thousand kWh in the first year already, whilst the new setup has resulted in a work environment that’s more constructive and co-operative than ever before, and builds upon the most recent developments in mobile technology.

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