Floating House On Danube In Hungary

  • 8 Sep 2015 12:00 PM
Floating House On Danube In Hungary
According to design.hu, Oszkar Vagi and Csinszka Cserhati dreamed an aquatic lifestyle radically differing from previous in Budapest. Their project called Uszohaz (Floating House) has been at a plan level so far, but hopefully, these cozy residential houses will be built in reality as well.

In the evening darkness, river houses surrounded by glass facade are lightening as shining islands. Oszkar Vagi, one of the designers of the project would like to create communities with the lifestyle of Danube that try the aquatic life conditions close to nature.

The designers, of course, equip the floating houses with total comfort: the bulk of energy requirements of the houses are provided by renewable energy sources. Utilizing the water’s thermal energy and the sun energy, these are almost completely energetically independent buildings. Of course, the proper insulation of the houses is a priority; a Hungarian high-tech insulating material is used for this purpose which provides excellent insulation even in thin layers.

The Danube’s change of water level, which sometimes is up to 8 meters, caused headaches for the developers of the projects. To solve it, they designed a pontoon bridge direct connection with the bank, to which the floating houses attach one by one.

The pontoon bridge moves together with the houses, following the fluctuations of the river’s difference of level. úszóház4 A car parking place, a bicycle storage and a rubbish dump are part of the project. The homes, which are habitable in winter and summer, are 100-120 sqm with rooftop terrace.

According to the design concept, its Danube side is surrounded by glass façade in order that those inside exist in complete harmony with the river and to freely enjoy the silence of nature, design.hu said. úszóház5 The side facing to the bank is closed to prying eyes, here are the bathroom and the toilette. Living room and kitchen are on the south side and engineering is on the North West.

The residential units are complemented by two bedrooms facing the Danube. The designers also thought of an underwater bedroom, but its realization would require really bold customers. úszóház7 The pure form and material use of the floating houses resembling small vessels contribute to the fitting of the river, the nature, and the terrace built on flat roof creates a romantic atmosphere under the stars in the warm summer evenings.

Source: dailynewshungary.com

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