‘Balance’, Budapest Circus, On From 3 October

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‘Balance’, Budapest Circus, On From 3 October
Reviving traditions – Troupe Teibler - "Everybody takes their place in the team"<br>The audience can see real Hungarian spirit and along with it or just for this reason also a traditional production in the performance of the Troupe Teibler, who set as an aim to revive one of the most classic Hungarian acrobatic stunts, the teeterboard act. The leader of the nine-member troupe is Tamás Teibler who the troupe has been working with for one and a half years on the attraction you can see now.

The act becomes even more interesting because of the big number of people working in the troupe so the audience can have an extraordinary experience.

As Tamás Teibler has already said in an interview they are trying to join the Hungarian circus traditions not only in its character but also in respect of the costumes and selection of music.

The troupe has achieved success also on the international stage, which is not negligible, in 2014 they fascinated the audience on a grand tour in Sicilia. In addition to guest appearances abroad they do not forget about the Hungarian audience either who could already see them this year at the event series called Nights of the Circus.

Wild animals and their master's love – Redy Montico - "Love and respect in the human-animal relationship"

The "lovers of big cats" visiting the circus will experience unusual excitement and surprise thanks to Redy Montico, who fascinates the audience with his lions. The Italian master lives together with his lions just like a cat fan with his pets. The predators show either by skipping to one side of the arena or by standing on two feet why actually they are called the king of the animals; at another time they stretch out on the floor pretending to be dead or enjoy the - sometimes body - game with their master.

The giant cats and their trainer have arrived from Italy to raise the standard of the performance with their breathtaking production working as a tight-knit team. Their program connects together the fine elegance, the perfect focusing and released playfulness, which appraises the Italian trainer's humility in art and care. There is no request which would seem impossible for the lions, they fulfil all their trainer's wishes in return for a smile, some treats or applause. There is a harmony in the program, a perfect harmony in the cooperation between a human and wild animals.

Perfect harmony - X-Treme Brothers - "Real friendship, fragile balance, caring for each other"

The bronze medallist of the 1st international Circus Artists' Festival (I. Festival International Artistas de Circo) organized in Loule in Portugal, the X-Treme Brothers will arrive at the Capital Circus of Budapest from our Eastern neighbourhood, namely from Romania. The team has an exceptional sense of balance and harmonized movements which prove that this triplet is undisputedly one of the best ones in this genre. This small troupe have been working together for ten years and their career is hallmarked by international success. This year they have already performed in Switzerland and France. Their movements, which sometimes belie the law of gravity, are made even more unforgettable by special sound and visual effects.

Kimberly Lester: perfect magic  - "playful game turned upside down"

The eastern magic and odd skills are combined in the production of the extraordinarily talented foot-juggler, Kimberly Lester. Considering her family roots, Miss Lester is Portuguese, and she imbibed her interest in art from infancy – as she comes from a circus family. She has already travelled around the world with her productions and has won a lot of awards.

Her performance outstanding from among similar undertakings is characterized by elegance and charming femininity, which is made even more fascinating by the veil dance and the belly dance elements. It does not matter whether she works with aerial objects or rolling balls, her performance is perfect and she deserves recognition for her skills and abilities. If you buy a ticket for this lady's production you can see a real pearl of the circus art. You won't regret it! Kimberly's magical performance strengthens our belief that everything is possible and becomes achievable if we are persistent and determined enough in respect of our aims we have set for ourselves in our lives.

Duo Claire: our faith lies in the other 
- "I put my life into your hands"

"I entrust myself to you!" this is the message the two girls send to each other on the rope. The two students in the Duo Claire prove extraordinary courage and mutual confidence while they are showing their production up in the dome with the help of a net. The two young ladies are just starting their career as active artists who have been studying their future profession at Baross Imre Artist's Training Grammar School which has lately released performances of higher and higher standard.

The girls' act with the net is perfectly harmonized, their movements are brotherly interdependent. It is all the same if it is about a straddle, a somersault or totally shaming the gravity, the girls do not hesitate to meet the challenge or to grip each other's hand - with a 10-second accuracy. Their faith in the common work - and their partner - is unbelievably strong and it is able to encourage them to make even more fantastic performances which do not only fascinate the audience but also give an example of humanity - therefore you must not miss it.

Flying Farfans

The breathtakingly spectacular fliegende production of the Flying Farfans - as well as several other current shows of the circus - badly taints the reputation of gravity: it is nothing else than life in the air several meters above the safe ground where the absolutely professional artists become really lively and all their movements reflect self-confidence and energy. The triple somersault shown high up in the air is only the beginning!

The American troupe reveals the real nudity of the circus to the audience when the emphasis of the stunt is simply shifted to the human body itself and to the fact what a body is capable of doing while struggling also with itself. And the trapeze is an excellent tool for this uniquely fascinating confidence game, where one learns to trust themselves and their partners without conditions; and for the spectators the theory, that everything becomes possible if we really listen to each other, is proven.

Duo White Fantasy

A circus is not real without jugglers and acrobatic stunts! But what happens if these genres are carefully combined by two exceptional artists? Such a unique and unmatched production will be the result which can rarely be seen by the public but the Duo White Fantasy brings this special experience to the audience in Budapest!

Even in their childhood it was not a question for the members of the duet, Dmitri and Sergei that they would devote their lives to the magic world of circus. The two outstanding talents first met at the School of Kiev and watched each other's work with mutual interest therefore also their orientation to the common work was natural which helped them to show all round the world that the existence of the three features such as curiosity, persistence and interest in novelties can always result in something exceptional.

Flying Ball
In the act of the Ukrainian basketball team sport is combined with elements of the circus art and the result of playing with the genres is amazingly unique. This production can be especially enjoyable for people who are sensitive to humour because the team applies the clichés of the sport in an extremely witty way - and sometimes also with self irony - while the audience actually have a feeling to be at a real ranking match cheering for their own favourites. In addition, the vigorous troupe investing large energies in the act show with the help of various spatial formations how important their team work is because the infinite harmony between them makes the production coloured with acrobatic elements great and loveable.

Art in balance  - Troupe Gerling, Columbian acrobats

To build a pyramid high up in the air? It is possible to experience the impossible only when unconditional trust exists. This cohesive strength makes the production of the Columbian Troupe Gerling unique: it is a visual experience which transfers the feeling of final catharsis into our everyday life. Here nothing is left to unreality: by rewriting the classic tightrope act which goes back to the 19th century, the human pyramid of the seven artists is built up in the air, while every moment of their reliance on each other is projected as an existing miracle into the space of the dome.

The pyramid built in the air does not only provide a breathtaking picture but also sets an example: how a stunt can become the mediator of human values. To watch each other's movement, to feel mutual trust and to co-experience the impossible!

Wheel of death
The abrupt twang of the rope you can hear sometimes in the silence makes the tense expectation quiver and when we would think we are over the danger another breathtaking act starts. We can see a double wheel of death rolling on the stretched rope. If we have not experienced the importance of blind trust in each other the Columbian performance will ennoble the feeling into a palpable concept. In their stunt this time not only two but four artists will risk their lives while rolling the double wheel: two of them will balance the wheel rolling on the stretched rope inside the wheel and two on the top of it. In this act not only the contact of the bodies but also the connection by the object becomes important: every moment of "how" and "when" will be determining. The troupe shall arrive in Hungary after their appearance in the Idol International Circus Festival in Moscow to show what balance actually means by tempting the impossible, i.e. to be in balance with each other, with the world and themselves.

Pet, in a new interpretation  - Eva Chris' pets show
In her performance Eva Chris, the German female trainer, takes the coexistence of human characteristics and instinctive manifestations onto the stage. In her show with small animals the pets will play the main role and their playfulness praise their own, and their skills praise their master's work. As a result of a good relationship and non-verbal communication we can enjoy the game of eight cats overwriting their basic skills on the circus floor covered with skill props - and small paw prints. What does it mean to be a trainer?

To step over the invisible barrier of understanding and being understood, to deal with and teach and to make the most of the animals with love manifesting in gestures, movements, which requires not only patience but also devotion as well as such characteristics which are more and more absent from today's world. Beyond the cats' playfulness, docility and task performance this production with small animals also offers the miracle of happiness of co-existence.

Sacral entertainment  - Pascal clown's act
The Dutch Pascal has been consciously preparing for high standard entertainment involving also gestures and mimes incorporated in humour since his childhood. The performer, who lives in Germany, was four years old when he first visited a circus thanks to his uncle.

The clown gags he saw there opened a door for him towards the circus career and he has been living this way of life since then with persistent devotedness. His work experience as a performer (Medrano Circus, National Circus of the Netherlands, Benidorm Circus) provides a secure ground for his constantly improving productions, which - after several transformations - can rather be called comic-theatrical than traditional clown-scenes today.

Maybe we cannot guess the clown's world-saving thoughts from the gags hidden behind the rhythmic whistles but we can feel the vibration which might connect all of us with him – it can happen either with a hawser or just a glance. Pascal approaches people through his excellent clown-act while he entertains and makes them think, chains together while tearing apart and then lets them see an invisible world in the comics of the retuned tradition.

Venue: Budapest Circus
Adress: 1146 Budapest Állatkerti krt. 12/a

Source and tickets: http://www.fnc.hu/musorunk/eloadas-idopontok

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