Food Not Bombs Budapest: 'Food Is A Right' Initiative, 27 February

  • 26 Feb 2016 3:50 AM
Food Not Bombs Budapest: 'Food Is A Right' Initiative, 27 February
"Food Not Bombs Budapest is part of group for an international global movement, independent from religions and party politics. As the Budapest chapter of the movement, we save food from ending up in the waste and share hot, free, vegan/vegetarian meals with those in need, while peacefully demonstrating against poverty, homelessness and overproduction: with our actions we also want to raise attention of these negative aspects of the current socio-economical system.

With food saving we would like to act against the mass problem of food wasting and overconsumption. Serving vegan/vegetarian meals also means that we support enviromental friendly ways to feed the people instead of meat consuming.

Deconstruction of the welfare state and the social-care systems, growing of poverty, hunger and homelessness, extension of the housing crisis: these are our everyday experiences, either in our personal life and by walking down the streets and subways of Budapest.

With our actions we both want to fight against these effects and to stand up for the most poor and helpless people of the society . In our opinion the rights to food and to house are fundamental human rights, which are supposed to be granted! Besides, we participate in demonstrations and express our solidarity with all the oppressed, persecuted and vulnerable social groups.

Saturdays, the Food Not Bombs Budapest activists go to the Fehérvári Market Hall and the Great Market Hall in order to collect all the food we can, which are still consumable but otherwise would go to waste.

Sundays, we cook all the food we managed to get in the kitchen of the Élesztő (IX. district, Tűzoltó street 22.). Then we go to the subways of the neighbourhood in order to serve the hot meals, which usually consist of several courses.

FNB Budapest is a community, where lot of different people work and enjoy their free-time together: teenager punks, young employees of multinational firms, university students from abroad, grandchildren with their grandmas, homeless volunteers etc. This cultural and social diversity is one of the most appealing point of the chapter: all these different people can find their place in our community."

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