Updated: VinCE Budapest: For Wine Fans & Connoisseurs, 3 - 5 March

  • 3 Mar 2016 10:45 AM
Updated: VinCE Budapest: For Wine Fans & Connoisseurs, 3 - 5 March
Tickets only available for Friday, 4 March. <br><br> We have the 7th VinCE Budapest Wine Show this year - the biggest “wine event” in the Region - between 3-5 March. It starts on Thursday with a “professional day”, and opens its doors for connoisseurs on Friday and Saturday, welcoming them with lots of specialities - e.g. it is the first time in Hungary when visitors can see a wine dispenser and preserver system which communicates with a smartphone, and makes it possible to evaluate the tasted wines with a mobile application.

You can sign up for an Organic Wine Tour on VinCE Budapest and find out what makes a wine “bio”. We hand over the VinCE Awards second time for the best and inspiring ideas that can impact the whole world of wine. Buy one ticket and you can taste 1000 wines of 182 wineries. A part of the price of the ticket can be traded off for buying wine online on the spot.

The 7th VinCE Budapest Wine Show is open from 11:00 AM to 08:00 PM between March 3 and 5 in Corinthia Hotel, and it welcomes wine experts and „simple” wine lovers as well.

Premier wineries bring their best wines to this biggest wine event of the region and guarantees excellent quality. International wine experts, many Masters of Wine, wine journalists and negotiants help you find your way in the world of wine.

You can visit the public Master Courses and workshops and you can taste brilliant wine flights with the guidance of wine masters, and you can even become a specialist after that. One of our improvements this year is that a part of the price of the ticket can be deducted from the price of the wine a visitor buys online on the spot; and the wine will be delivered home for free. You can taste 1000 wines of 182 wineries with one ticket. And it is not the end of the many new surprises and excitements VinCE 2016 will offer you…

New: Thursday instead of Sunday!

Friday – Saturday – Sunday were the VinCE days in the previous years, but VinCE Budapest starts on Thursday this year (March 3) with the “professional day ”. The exhibitors and professionals of wine sector can meet with HoReCa experts this day. The wine lovers can taste wine easier on Friday or Saturday and have some rest on Sunday.

After considering the demands of our visitors and exhibitors the VinCE days in year 2016:

* March 3., Thursday: professional day;
* March 4-5., Friday and Saturday: public for experts and wine lovers;
* VinCE Budapest is CLOSED on March 6, Sunday.

A glass of innovation: Introduction of By the glass® in Hungary on VinCE Budapest

VinCE visitors could get accustomed that the organizers come up with improvements every year. A great sensation of this year is definitely the By the glass® room. The wonderful systems of the Dutch By the glass® firm are available in 41 countries of the world from Brazil to Singapore – but they were not available so far in Hungary. By the glass® is always on the top in innovation. Now they have developed – first in the world – a wine dispenser and preserver system which communicates with a smartphone; and the visitors of VinCE Budapest can try it first time in Hungary!

You can study Hungarian varieties in the By the glass® room with 20 “Modular” systems. It means that inquirers will have 40 stations to try the great innovation of By the glass®. The varieties: Furmint, Juhfark and Blaufrankish, and the fresh wine will be dispensed in your glass always on perfect temperature just by one button push.

Then you can take your smartphone and log in the By the glass® SmartWine application with your email address or Facebook profile. Here you can evaluate the tasted wine, share it with your friends and look up the records any time.

The By the glass® room waits for you on the ground floor and the entrance is free if you have a daily ticket. Anyways, this will be the starting point of VinCE Budapest this year and you can take you tasting glasses here, too.

Master Courses and workshops for wine lovers too

VinCE Budapest offers a great opportunity for wine lovers to develop their “wine knowledge” with the help of wine masters and by tasting brilliant flights. Public Master Courses and workshops are organized on Friday and Saturday and real experts guide the visitors in the world of wine to acquire proficiency that can make them real experts by the end of the course.

A very useful and practical workshop is organized on the “professional day” on Thursday (March 3). Nick Adams MW (Master of Wine) and Adam Pawlowski MS (Master Sommelier) will tell us how to compile a perfect wine menu. On Friday, Anne Mc Hale, MW presents one of the most exciting wine regions of France; Rhône-Valley – through its wines of course.

Several courses focus on sparkling wines and wine on Saturday; however, there will be a tasting of spirits, too. Guillaume Drouin, Distillation Master himself presents his calvados from Normandy. Champagne Master Courses will be presented on Friday and Saturday as well. On Saturday, the Mumm Champagne House presents its special items with the help of Thomas Lignier Chief Wine Maker. Mumm is the official champagne supplier of Formula-1.

Two hundred people can take part on a Master Course, and 6-8 wines are presented generally, (however 21 items were tasted once). The presentations are translated simultaneously, the wines are superb; you can taste such items that are not available anywhere else in Hungary. The sessions are similar in the workshops with less; around 100 participants.
The price of the tickets for a Master Course or a workshop ranges between HUF 2 000 and 5 000/person (in addition to the entrance ticket).

What makes a wine “bio”? – Organic Wine Tour

Organic or “bio” management means that we expel chemicals from production and make efforts to apply only natural procedures. These efforts are very intensive in wine making as well, after gastronomy in recent years. If you want to know what makes a wine “bio” and how the organic wine is prepared you can sign up to the Organic Wine Tour. If you go through this route and taste all wines you are offered, you will get answers to all these questions. You can acquire a great deal of knowledge and you will get a present in the end of the Green Road.

You can buy your favorite wine online on the spot

VinCE Budapest is actually a VinCE Budapest Wine Show + Shop first time this year, because a special webshop will operate online during the event. A buyer of the webshop can spend HUF 2000 from the price of the ticket in case of ordering the wine she/he liked the best during the tasting and the wine is delivered home for free. The list of wines of the webshop will be available from the first of March with lots of surprises because our exhibitors offer special discounts during the event.

VinCE Awards

This is the second year when we hand over the VinCE Award for the best and inspiring ideas that can impact the whole world of wine. Similarly to previous years we have asked reputable stakeholders of gastronomy and wine sector to send us their candidates then the professional partners of VinCE have decided by voting. We are publishing the winners on March 3; not only from wineries but from the whole wine, gastronomy and HoReCa sectors.

Source: www.vincebudapest.hu

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