’Riders On The Mall’, MÜSZI, 27 – 29 May

  • 23 May 2016 9:00 AM
’Riders On The Mall’, MÜSZI, 27 – 29 May
Riders on the Mall (ROM) is a unique gathering of audiovisual jockeys, ranging from virgin riders to experienced charioteers, from experts in New Media Art to audiences interested in audiovisual and technological trends. ROM deliberately puts emphasis on visuality within the current art scene, scanning the audiovisual landscape in Hungary and abroad for fresh threads, merging it into a panorama of what-comes-next. ROM will present its first edition in May 2016 as a project by MÜSZI, an independent cultural centre located on the 3rdfloor of the old Corvin Department Store in Budapest.‎

The line up will consist of an exhibition with focus on art & tech installations, workshops, a VJ’amboree, audiovisual live acts, and thematical presentations and discussions with interdisciplinary focus. Using 20 projectors, and 15 slide projectors, nearly 90 creators/ artists and 25 VJ teams expand the limits of our visual perception.

We welcome people from all walks of life, especially youngsters who want to look beyond their comfort zone, experiment and widen their vocabulary of contemporary visual culture. ROM balances on border edges where art and science meet, performativity and visuality connect, and different ways of thinking create synthesis: where the user/audience becomes a creator at the same time.

On 27th May world-famous light artist László Zsolt Bordos, who is also the main patron of the event, gives a lecture on the evolution of mapping, while futurologist Ferenc Kömlődi gives a lecture about the connection between artificial intelligence and visual data mining. There will be an opportunity in the workshop room to get acquainted with the theoretical and practical sides of visual control through facial mimics/expressions.

See full descriptions of the workshops at https://ridersonthemall.com/project-type/workshops/

On Saturday participants can learn video mapping during the workshop of Viktor Vicsek, Ivó Kovács, Zsolt László Bordos. In the lecture room brain researcher Zoltán Vidnyánszky, PhD shares his experiences on the present state of research about active vision. Besides him, a psychologist, a physicist, an artist, and a designer will give lectures on different aspects of light, viewing optics, animation and perception.

See full descriptions of the lecturers and topics at:https://ridersonthemall.com/project-type/eloadas-lecture/

The 3-day-program will close on Sunday with a panel discussion, an artist symposium and software presentation session as well as an LED workshop. Besides the day-to-day program, the festival will feature installations by Hungarian, Austrian, Mexican, German and Polish artists, exploring the intersections of audiovisuality, physical presence, and the relation of mankind and technology. See full list of exhibiting artists here: https://ridersonthemall.com/project-type/kiallitas-exhibition/

Venue: Müszi
Address: 1085 Budapest, Blaha Lujza tér 1. 3rd Floor

Source: https://ridersonthemall.com

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