See What Happened @ Brody Alchemists Night Special

  • 30 Mar 2017 12:55 PM
See What Happened @ Brody Alchemists Night Special
Guests were invited to ‘Taste The Music’, and asked to fasten their seat belts and enjoy a journey from the 1940's Mississippi Delta to the back streets of 1960’s Chicago. It was a smooth ride with cocktails, food and authenric sounding American music.

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The event was conducted in fine style by Dez O'Connell - Beverage Overlord for the whole Brody House Group - with a little help from his bartender friends. They created fabulous drinks including “West Side Royale (Chicago)”, “Last Word (Detroit)”, “Aka Lapu Lapu (Florida) “and “Delta Slide (Mississippi)”…phew!

Whilst reflecting on the eras and regions, Robert Jackson and his band (Beaux Jaxon Rhythm'n'Blues Quintet) steered us through an intoxicating night of drinks, stories and some of the best authentic sounds you’ll get in Pest/this side of the Atlantic.

This was a very special Alchemists Night: we enjoyed four tantalizing cocktails, and a lorry…even a truckload of live Rhythm ’n’ Blues belting out. And just to add spice to the occasion, we had some good, old-fashioned southern cuisine, “southern style catfish”. Now that’s a night out!

Words & photos by Russell Skidmore for
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