Great Hungarian Painters @ Spring Auction Of Judit Virág Gallery

  • 9 May 2017 7:20 AM
Great Hungarian Painters @ Spring Auction Of Judit Virág Gallery
An outstanding Boromisza painting - which almost vanished forever- artworks by Szinyei, Gulácsy, Tihanyi, Vaszary and a hand-painted Zsolnay plate made by Rippl-Rónai are the unique works of arts of the Spring Auction in Judit Virág Gallery. The auction preview is open to visit there from 2 nd of May.

Judit Virág Gallery has prepared the most memorable selection of its history for this years’s Spring Sale 223 paintings, Zsolnay ceramics and several recognised masterpieces with museum value will be auctioned.

One of the highlights of the Auction is the large scale painting by Pál Szinyei-Merse, created exactly 100 years ago. ‘Nice Weather (Sunny Weather at Lake Balaton)’ was painted in the last year of the master’s life during his summer visit at Fonyód.

The brilliant and vigorous painting reflects the brighter shades of the flashy summer noons and full colours in the canvas. The work of the ‘one single and real Hungarian impressionist’ is rarely available on the art market so the emergence of this artwork is an exceptional opportunity for art collectors.

‘Since the existence of the Judit Virág Gallery, one of our most important missions is the quest for major Hungarian paintings scattered around the globe and bringing them home so that the most important Hungarian artworks can be available to both collectors and the public", says Ms Anna Kelen, the Art Historian of Judit Virág Gallery.

It is a miracle that one of the most outstanding representations of Hungarian Fauvism ‘Tibor Boromisza’s ‘Autumn Morning’ has not disappeared. The painting popped up at an auction in Florida as an unknown artist’s work and its decorativeness attracted a Spanish photographer couple.

After they bought it they tracked down the label on the back and the name of the artist was discovered. The couple did not want to sell the painting until they got to know about the 350.000 USD Bornemisza price record of last year’s Winter Sale.

After this lucky coincidence the painting created in 1911 has been finally brought back home. The picture depicts the colony of Nagybánya with the colour richness competing with Csontváry's artworks. ‘The return of the Boromisza painting to Hungary is a real success story for the Hungarian cultural heritage’ said Anna Kelen.

‘Landscape in Baia Mare’ painted by Lajos Tihanyi in 1909 is the other Fauvist style painting of the auction. The artist was a member of two of the most important creative communities of the Hungarian Modernism, " The Eight" and the "Neo" groups from Nagybánya.

The Spring Auction’s gem is a Zsolnay plate hand-painted possibly by József Rippl-Rónai at the request of count Tivadar Andrássy in 1896 while designing and building his dining room of his palace in Budapest. A part of the dining room was a 12-person Zsolnay dinner set but only a few pieces remained of it.

In addition paintings byJózsef Nemes Lampérth, Ödön Márffy, Gyula Derkovits, László Mednyánszky, János Kmetty, József Koszta, Lili Ország and János Vaszary are among the outstanding works of the Sale’s collection.

The Spring Auction preview exhibition is on view in Judit Virág Gallery until 14th May every day between 10a.m. and 6p.m. under the following address: Budapest, 1055 Falk Miksa u. 30.

The auction takes place at the Budapest Congress Center 15th of May at 6p.m.

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