Tech Makes It Easy To Rent A Boat On Lake Balaton

  • 17 Aug 2017 4:00 AM
Tech Makes It Easy To Rent A Boat On Lake Balaton
According to, if you’re willing to pay a few hundred thousand forints for the deposit and insurance fee, then you can easily rent a boat on Lake Balaton for an otherwise affordable price. Thanks to Boatly, a Hungarian start-up, you don’t even need a license to sail around the lake and enjoy the panorama.

Boatly could be called the Uber of sailing rightfully because the gist of the enterprise is that you can order a boat from the nearest dock if you feel like sailing on Lake Balaton.

Through the online platform, private individuals and companies can rent out their boats with or without a captain, so that they can earn some money when they’re not using them.

The business model is also similar to Uber: since a boat and its maintenance is expensive, and they are usually not used to their full potential, renting them out is very much worth it for the owners. It is also a good business for the renters since they can get hold of a boat quickly and simply.

The prices of boats range between 20-90 thousand forints/day (~EUR 66-300), plus the insurance fee and the deposit. Currently you can choose from twelve boats, but Boatly plans on expanding the selection until they reach a fleet of fifty.


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