WAMP Market In Buda: 'Design Week 2017', 1 October

  • 29 Sep 2017 9:02 AM
WAMP Market In Buda: 'Design Week 2017', 1 October
From the organisers: It has been 10 years now since WAMP design fair represents high quality design and offers a platform for more than thousand local and international designers both in Hungary and beyond the borders. WAMP helped to launch the career of many young talents who participate the fair now as widely and internationally acknowledged designers.

This year Design Week Budapest 2017 is focusing on new rising talents and restarting designers. For this occasion WAMP will show a wide array of exhibitors, from exceptionally talented design graduates to fresh talents just starting their career as well as designers who have restarted or found their way to design through a career change.

Anna Bárdos earned her degree at Metropolitan University in 2015, and currently studies at a Master course. Her brand BA just recently came out with her unique concrete jewellery collection named THAT. Although Szilvia Kurdi has graduated at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) this year, her brand Theia Design has been regularly attending WAMP for more years by now offering her colourful jewellery collections made of antiallergenic amalgams and natural materials.

Boglárka Johanna Cser is an MA student at MOME, her jewellery has a feminine and pure design that play with clear lines and capture memories, emotions and unique forms. Due to her experimental style her brand Leanea represents a wide variety of jewels made of copper, silver or gold.

Each of her piece is handmade and there are no identical pieces. Emese Zentai founded her brand Zemse in 2014. She has graduated as graphic designer, and her passion for making jewellery started in high school but goes way back to her childhood when she was already passionate of creating things. She has a full time job at a creative agency, but in the rest of her time she is fully devoted to make her unique aluminium jewellery collections.

L’arbre Design is a brand of a married couple Barbara Komlós and Levente Gőgh who left the corporate world to achieve their dreams. The brand’s name refers to the predominantly tropical wood material used for their jewellery that is 100% handmade and created at their workshop in Budapest.

Emilia Móricz and her husband both left their jobs at a multinational company in order to launch their own brand in 2011. The natural cosmetics brand Love2Smile Organic Cosmetics provides an alternative for conscious consumers who aim to reduce the use of artificial ingredients and chemicals in their daily habits. Their products are vegan and made of natural materials as well as produced handmade without the use of any machinery.

Juli Ilyés, who won the title Designer of the Month in August, started her career as a graphic designer, but shortly after working at an agency she has returned to the world of fairy tales, and joined WAMP as an illustrator in 2014. In 2015 she launched her own jewellery brand, which she has been developing since then in a very conscious way, she also attended the brand development course of WAMP. Her brand has become incredibly popular in a very short time among the fans of local handmade jewellery.

Balázs Egri and Máté Révay wanted to visualize their love for the city on unique paintings, so after one long night talking in a pub in Buda with couple of spritzers, they decided to start their own brand, which they were building up in around a year parallel with their full time job. In 2016 Urban Sidewalker also gained the title Designer of the Month with their beautifully printed posters and postcards that reflect their devotion to the city, and with their detailed, amazingly exciting pieces that immediately capture most people’s attention.

Melinda Bányász worked as a fashion designer and then as graphic designer for ten years at various Hungarian fashion companies. After the birth of her first child she channelled her creativity into jewellery making based on the experience she received from her silversmith father.

Her brand Cifra Design offers various collections of medals, rings and earrings for which she uses her illustrations - inspired by the folklore motifs of Hungary and other nations - placed behind different convex lenses made of resin or glass moulded by herself. Beyond that she also creates minimalistic contemporary jewellery with silversmith methods mainly of silver or gold plated copper and of various minerals. The name Cifra reflects on the brand’s focus on combining traditional Hungarian motifs with a modern style.

As a mother of three the founder and designer of Me+Minime was working at family-, mother- and children photo shoots in the past 6 years. This gave her the idea to create her own fashion brand together with Klaudia Sulykó, who is also a mother of five and ran her own textile store in Budapest previously. Their collection are for families and mums who would love to match their style and dress in harmony with their kids for photo shoots or for other events. Their brand represents a discreetly elegant unique style with pastel shades and clear cuts.

This time exclusively WAMP will host the students of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) and the student companies of Alternative Economical Secondary School. (Alternatív Közgazdasái Gimnázium). There will be an exhibition presenting the work of talented starting designers called „Start with us!” in order to foster the development and market entry of future designers and to encourage more cooperation between them.

The Designer of the Month in October is: SAPI

The graphic design for the WAMP fair in October is based on a textile pattern painted by Edina László, the designer of Lazlo.

WAMP Design Market – Where design starts
Date: 01 October 2017
Address: 1024 Budapest, Kis Rókus u. 16-20.
Opening hours 10 am – 6pm
Entry is 500 HUF, which can be used as voucher.

More information at: www.wamp.hu
Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/118244092177517/?active_tab=about

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