Video: Open Your Window To Classical Music In Budapest

  • 14 Apr 2020 9:45 AM
Video: Open Your Window To Classical Music In Budapest
MÁV Symphony Orchestra’s new initiative – which respects the restrictive measures in place – encourages locals to stay home but open their windows and let the music and the spring sunshine in.

With the help of the ensemble’s partners (Hyundai, Pioneer, Bose and Grandvoice), two cars cruise Budapest every day from 30 March broadcasting classical music on the streets.

Every now and then, the cars stop to play the most beautiful recordings by the MÁV Symphony Orchestra to send a message to those fulfilling their duty by going to work or spending time at home and who can open their windows to the music. 

They will make a point of passing by hospitals to smuggle some joy into the lives of healthcare workers who are courageously fighting for the lives of patients every day. 

Now that the country and nearly every citizen in the world must tackle a serious emergency, it is even more important to give people some happy, carefree moments that help them recharge their batteries, as well as give them reason to be hopeful that in the foreseeable future, concert halls, theatres and public spaces will open their gates once again and life will get back to normal. Music is the most effective tool for this.

For the past 75 years, it has been MÁV Symphony Orchestra’s mission to introduce classical music into people’s lives. In 1945, after WW2 ended, the founders of the ensemble told their musicians to do everything in their power to help people heal after enduring the pain and suffering caused by the war. 

The cars, equipped with professional audio devices, will usually be driven by the musicians themselves and people will be able to follow their route on MÁV Symphony Orchestra’s Facebook page.


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