Our Love: Kalotaszeg @ Palace Of Arts, 13 February

  • 21 Jan 2020 8:18 AM
Our Love: Kalotaszeg @ Palace Of Arts, 13 February
„In case the vicinity of Kalotaszeg isassessed from the window of a train dashing the territory lengthwise, then all we can find is that the majority of the aforementioned territory is nothing else but humdrum, barren, and even sorrowful."

"It is a jumble of rocky and bold hills. It is apparently a sad, melancholic landscape. But the air is wonderfully clean, the whimsical outlines of the hills are clear and the silhouettes’ thereof are definite, while the colours and mapping of the fields and meadows on this capricious area are surprisingly individual.

Within this cold and sharply contrasted landscape the eyes of the artist, just as in a cunningly composed picture, are going to recognise the human touch brilliantly acting in line with its contrast and the creations of such human intervention.

Maybe the colourful traditional clothing of Kalotaszeg would nowhere look as great as in the Kalotaszeg landscape with its steely hard and cold appearance and colours with its patches of red, yellow and black, with its pointed, dark greyish-brown, shingle-covered church spires and awnings above the white walls, amongst the green treetops of the small gardens.

The typical Kalotaszeg region is still a serious experience for every person with healthy eyes and soul, for those who love and understand beauty as it is.” (Károly Kós)

Date and time:
Thursday, 13 February, 7 pm 

HUF 2,500 - 3,900

Palace Of Arts
1095 Budapest, Komor Marcell u. 1. 


Photo courtesy of the organisers

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