Tricky 'Spring Tour' @ A38 Ship Budapest, 19 October

  • 4 Oct 2021 6:13 AM
Tricky 'Spring Tour' @ A38 Ship Budapest, 19 October
Popular Bristol artist's new, Fall to Pieces album has been released by his own label False Idols from which the song titled Fall Please, released in June, is said to be the most popular piece of his work he has ever published. As a contributing singer, audience can hear Marta Zakowska on it, whose voice is of central role on the entire album as well.

It is difficult to tell a mainstream pop icon (beside Trent Reznor) who has built such a fantastic palace of art such from pain, darkness and hopelessness as Adrian Thaws it is Tricky.

The hardcore Bristol childhood - his father left the family before the birth of his son, his mother committed suicide at his age of four - Tricky lived actually on the street and had already been to jail as teenager - which left him inluenced as performer-producer up to date.

Tricky was really saved by the music: he started the Wild Bunch Bristol sound system with that DJ Milo, who now founded Skilled Mechanics. From this Wild Bunch one of the most important British orchestras of the nineties emerged, the genre-creating Massive Attack on whose first album Tricky's turned up as well.

Then he started a solo career and in an awkward pace produced more and more kicking albums. In the second half of the nineties he released five albums of tremendous influence in four years.

These featured a series of brilliant guest performers from Bjrk to Martina Topley-Bird and Neneh Cherry to Siouxsie and Alison Moyet.

Tricky picked up his singers with astonishing sensitivity. In addition, he had fanatically melted together the sounds in which rock and metal guitars had mixed up with a dark bursting electronic base, dark-pop, which, complemented by Tricky's whisper and murmuring of the other worlds, came together to form a single swirling mass.

The 13th album released this year, ununiformon also features fantastic singers: here is Tricky's former muse and mother of his child Martina Topley-Bird, Francesca Belmonte, who also contributed to the Adrian Thaws album, and Asia Argento.

The record recorded in Berlin is a real return to the dark, claustrophobic music of the nineties, Tricky's iconic sound.

HUF 5,500

Date and time: 
Tuesday, 19 October, 8 pm

1117 Budapest, Petőfi híd


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