PM Orbán Praises Health-Care Sector’s Efforts

  • 5 Apr 2021 6:41 AM
  • Hungary Matters
PM Orbán Praises Health-Care Sector’s Efforts
Commenting on Hungary’s hospital capacities, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, in an interview with public media, praised the work of doctors, GPs and nurses during the third wave of the pandemic.

Orbán told news channel M1 that even if great efforts had to be made, there would be enough people and “our hospitals will work”.

Hungary’s health-care system is in a much better shape, especially in terms of human resources, than many people had previously thought, he added.

Around half of the beds reserved for coronavirus patients are still available and around twice as many ventilators can be put in service, together with beds, as the number currently in use, he said.

He asked everyone to give as much support to nurses and doctors as possible and not to make their work more difficult “by spreading fake news”.

“This is not the right time to go into hospitals to make fake videos and fake news”, he added. The prime minister said the health-care system was able to handle caring for coronavirus patients as well as for other serious patients.

Commenting on the vaccination of teachers, he said all teachers will get their first shots “over one week ahead” of the reopening of schools which is sufficient for a start.

He said he could understand if some still refused to go to class but they should at least not lobby against the reopening of schools because children’s and parents’ interests should be respected and education in schools should be restarted without delay.

MTI Photo: Zsolt Szigetváry

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