Free Parking in Budapest for Almost Two Weeks

  • 23 Dec 2021 2:49 PM
  • Hungary Today
Free Parking in Budapest for Almost Two Weeks
Parking will be free in most places in Budapest from December 23 for a week and a half, but there are exceptions.

From closing time on December 23rd (Thursday) until 8 am on January 3rd (Monday), there will be no parking fees in the capital’s public areas, so parking will be free in most parts of Budapest between the two holidays.

However, there are still places where one will need to visit the parking meter.

The exceptions of the rule are the following areas:

  • car parks in the 1st district, at the Castle and under the Citadel

  • parking lot next to the Flórián shopping center in District III

  • car park in the northern part of Margaret Island, District XIII

  • the underground car park under Rákóczi Square in District VIII

  • the guarded pay and display P+R car parks and garages in the II. district, Hűvösvölgy terminal

  • Pillangó utca metro station in District X, and Örs vezér tere metro station

  • Újpest-Városkapu metro station in District XIII

  • in the XIXth district, near the Kőbánya-Kispest metro station and at the KÖKI Terminal.

The last time parking was free in the country, it was for several months when the government announced the abolition of public parking charges as part of the fight against the coronavirus. The exemption ended in May.

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