Xploring Budapest: Castle Garden Bazaar

  • 28 Feb 2024 6:21 AM
Xploring Budapest: Castle Garden Bazaar
The Buda Castle Garden Bazaar might imply a marketplace near the Royal Palace, but its actual nature differs from its name. In essence, it could be more accurately described as a Cultural Palace accompanied by an Ornamental Garden situated south of the Buda Castle. It graces the slopes, providing a picturesque entry to the royal complex from the Danube riverbank.

Key features of the Buda Castle Garden Bazaar (Varkert Bazaar) that are worth exploring include the Neo-Renaissance architectural complex, serving as an extension to the Buda Castle Royal Palace. Noteworthy historical stairways lead to the Buda Castle level of the Buda Hills, similar to numerous other stairways on the slopes of Buda Castle Hill.

The Bazaar (Ornamental Garden) provides diverse approaches to reach the Buda Castle hilltop, including traversing long stairways, utilizing escalators (available year-round), or taking a lift (wheelchair accessible, suitable for seniors and babies) connecting the riverside level with the hilltop. Other popular options are the Funicular or public buses like bus number 16 or the Castle minibus.

Easter and Christmas markets, integral parts of citywide events during those holidays in Budapest, often feature upcoming entertainment at the Buda Castle Garden Bazaar.

The Buda Castle Garden Bazaar, with its garden and structures, was constructed in the late 19th century (1875 – 1883) following the plans of prominent Hungarian architect Miklos Ybl.

Previously transformed into a youth center known as the Youth Park between World War II and the 1980s, it functioned as an open-air disco and concert venue until 1984.

Today, it serves as an art venue hosting exhibitions, concerts, dance shows, guided tours, film screenings, and includes a charming flower garden and park suitable for proposals and weddings.

Situated south of the Chain Bridge and Clark Adam Square, near the Tunnel (north of the Elizabeth Bridge), the Buda Castle Garden Bazaar is closest to the Southern Roundel and Mace Tower of the Buda Castle.

Accessible on foot from the Buda Castle or Lanchid Street, a prominent promenade on the Buda side of the river Danube, it is conveniently located near Budapest 19 Lanchid Design Hotel and Hotel Victoria, just a short walk away.

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