’The Very Best’: Budapest Várfok Gallery Celebrates 30th Anniversary

  • 5 Jan 2021 9:19 AM
’The Very Best’: Budapest Várfok Gallery Celebrates 30th Anniversary
Seen until 16 January. As one of the oldest institutions for contemporary art in Hungary, the Várfok Gallery celebrates the 30th Anniversary of its founding on 30th November, 2020.

Its thirty years of history, its continual development, continuity and non-profit making projects, as well as its constant striving to achieve the highest possible standards, makes the Gallery unique within the context of the Hungarian art scene.

This latest exhibition, entitled 'The Very Best', explores the various oeuvres of the Várfok Gallery’s artists by showcasing a playful and diverse selection of their greatest works.

Choosing from an extensive collection of more than 1800 works of art, the show includes the most exceptional pieces of the Gallery.

The largest, smallest, oldest and newest artworks are featured along with the most valuable, the most published and the most detailed.

Notably, on display will be the largest painting of Françoise Gilot held by the Gallery, Péter Ujházi’s monumental 4-metre piece 'Carpet', franyo aatoth’s emblematic 'Heart Affairs' from his red period, the widely recognised 1973 photograph 'Mother and Babe-in-Arms' by Péter Korniss, János Szirtes’s extraordinary artwork made with soot, Máté Orr’s newest painting and, finally, the remarkable 'Bluebeard’s Castle' by Endre Rozsda on which he worked for more than a decade.

To demonstrate that high-quality art comes in all sizes, the show is accompanied by a mini-exhibition entitled 'The Little Ones', exploring a variety of rare small-scale artworks, many of which have not previously been on show to the public.

Celebrating the virtuosic mastery and impressive creativity of all artists represented by the Várfok Gallery, the exhibition aims to showcase the institution’s commitment to art of the highest quality and celebrate those making valuable contributions to contemporary culture.

Opening hours: 
Tuesday – Saturday, 11 am - 6 pm

1012 Budapest, Várfok u. 11.

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