B+N Launches 'In-Service Training Programme' In Budapest

  • 21 Jan 2021 10:13 AM
B+N Launches 'In-Service Training Programme' In Budapest
At B+N Zrt. it is their top priority to constantly develop the professional expertise and competences of their staff. They are very aware that the human capital of their staff contributes to the value of the company, and that is how they can continuously deliver their partners a top quality service.

From B+N Zrt:

We strive to make it possible for as many of our employees as possible to extend their knowledge regardless of the position that they currently hold.

That is why we applied for the VEKOP-8.5.2-17 – In-house training support for corporate employees tender.

Thanks to the tender from this autumn we can provide in-service training for 208 of our employees. Over 60% of the participants come from lower qualified positions, they will receive training in “Cleaner and helper in offices, hotels and other establishments” in the framework the National Register of Vocational Qualifications.

Managers and administrative workers will receive training in digital literacy, IT and management (effective cooperation, communication, project management, work efficiency).

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