The Early Years Centre of Excellence at The British International School Budapest (BISB)

  • 20 Mar 2024 3:59 PM
The Early Years Centre of Excellence at The British International School Budapest (BISB)
At The British International School Budapest, we strongly believe that a child's early experiences, relationships, opportunities and surroundings shape who they become in the future.

That is why we have created a contemporary Early Years experience and in an environment which nurtures children’s natural curiosity and sets solid foundations for making the most of Budapest’s most academically successful International School.

Everyday children happily enter our Early Years Centre, full of excitement, smiles, and an eagerness to fulfill their inquisitive minds. They are warmly greeted by our qualified and experienced team of teachers and staff members who have an unwavering desire to offer the highest quality pastoral care and academic programme in Budapest.

Our curriculum is based on the Early years Foundation Stage Profile of England, designed to support children as they work towards their developmental milestones by developing children’s academic and personal growth.  

Being part of the Nord Anglia Education (NAE) family of schools means our staff receive the most up-to-date training, our classrooms are well-resourced, and the children get the best possible foundations for their future success.

Our indoor and outdoor learning environments are carefully designed to support children in learning new skills, challenging their thinking, and embed new concepts.  

Integral to our philosophy is the importance of play for young minds. We passionately believe that play helps children become well-rounded individuals who are ready for their own individual futures.

Through play, children develop communication skills, confidence, independence, and strong personal development and social skills. This approach enables our staff to tailor and map a child’s individual development needs, ensuring that all children's unique qualities are celebrated. 

We admit children from the age of 3 years and have different pathways for children depending on if they are grouped with our Early Years 1 (Ages 3-4) children or our Early Years 2 (Ages 4-5).

One of the additional benefits of how we structure our day is the ability for children to play, interact and socialise with children of all ages.

Our Early Years Centre prides itself on providing a safe and inclusive environment for children of various nationalities. Currently, we have 20 different nationalities represented in our Early Years Centre, which fosters a multicultural learning experience for all our students.

We have weekly visits to Kiscelli Woods for our Weekly Forest adventures and outdoor learning. These opportunities provide opportunities for children to learn from older students and, in turn, the older students can be positive role models for our younger students. 

Not only do we have our weekly visits to the forest, but we have access to our Early Years Garden, a versatile outdoor space that remains open irrespective of weather conditions.

As part of our Early Years 2 provision, we introduce planned adult Phonics and Mathematics input, swimming lessons and a programme that helps them transition into Year 1 for their next steps of learning.  

However, the amazing transformations and growth that we see in our children are not soley due to the hard work and dedication of our staff. We work closely with our supportive parents to help them understand their child's time with us and celebrate their successes.

We do this through regular opportunities to meet our staff, by being invited into school to explore and play with their children, through written reports and parents' evenings.

As part of our international community our parents enjoy our Parent Academies and the numerous Parent Teacher Association opportunities that exist such as Hiking and Cooking Clubs or simply meeting for a coffee and pastries in our onsite Bistro. 

When you visit the Early Years Centre at BISB, you will witness happy and well-cared-for children who are happily playing, exploring their surroundings, and engaging in activities that interest and excite them.  

At our Early Years Centre, we prioritise the well-being and development of each child in the Early Years Foundation Stage. We strive to create a sense of belonging and community where children's voices are heard, and their similarities and differences are celebrated.

We are immensely proud of our children, staff, and community. We would be delighted to share this with and for you to see how our school and purpose-built facilities can give your child the best learning experience designed for their successful futures.  

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