Green Peace Event: 'Budapest For Peace', Hero’s Square, 9 March

  • 8 Mar 2022 1:20 PM
Green Peace Event: 'Budapest For Peace', Hero’s Square, 9 March
What seemed unimaginable to many of us has now happened: yet again, war has broken out on our doorstep. We are shocked by the senseless violence that only incites fear and hatred, and certainly brings no solution. Let’s stand together for peace! Let’s show that we, the majority, speak the language of love and togetherness, not the language of hatred and violence. 

Let us show the millions of people who have now had their lives shattered in just a few days that their pain is our pain. Let them know: WE ARE WITH YOU!

Let us say together that we condemn the war launched by the Russian Government. PEACE IN UKRAINE NOW! 

LET’S CREATE A HUGE SIGN OF PEACE IN BUDAPEST’S HEROES’ SQUARE, as we did several times in the early 2000s to protest against the war in Iraq. World leaders must finally understand that 21st-century crises cannot be solved by military means.

Let’s send a clear message that there is no longer a place in the world for violence and meaningless human sacrifice. The history of the 20th century was written in blood. Let’s now stand together for a future in which co-operation, not bloody conflict, prevails. Where there are no wars for resources and energy, but where we resolve our crises together, in peace, and where we do not have to live in fear of nuclear weapons. 

We welcome everyone to Heroes’ Square on Wednesday, March 9, at 7pm!

The demonstration will begin at 7pm, but we're expecting 1,500 people ready to step in from 5.30pm in order to create the Peace Sign.

If you would like to participate, please sign up by clicking here so we can arrange a place for you

Please note that the application form is in Hungarian, and the coordination will also happen in Hungarian on the day of the event. Please apply only if you're comfortable understanding the language, or apply together with a Hungarian-speaking friend.

Those who can only come by 7pm will also be part of the demonstration, surrounding the illuminated sign of peace. No language skills needed for this of course!

IMPORTANT: This demonstration will be a non-partisan and strictly non-violent event. Please respect this and do not bring any party badges or flags. If you are making your own banner, please make one in accordance with the peaceful and non-violent message of the event.

The event is organised by the Greenpeace Hungary. Other NGOS in support are welcome to apply via:

Organisations that already joined:
Állítsuk meg a Gyilkos Robotokat kampány aktivistái
Amnesty International Magyarország
Civil Kollégium Alapítvány
Extinction Rebellion Magyarország
Éghajlatvédelmi Szövetség
Fontos nekem alapítvány
Haver Alapítvány
Hősök Tere Alapítvány
Humán Platform
Humusz Szövetség
JÓL-LÉT Alapítvány
Karátson Gábor Kör
Magyar Természetvédők Szövetsége
Mamakör Alapítvány
Másállapotot a Szülészetben! Mozgalom
MENŐK- Magyar Európai Nők Fóruma Egyesület
Messzelátó Egyesület
NIOK Alapítvány
Reflex Környezetvédő Egyesület
Silo üzenetének közösségei
Szülői Hang Közösség
Társaság a Szabadságjogokért
Ökotárs Alapítvány
Világpolgár Egyesület
Védegylet Egyesület

We will not be raising any financial support or material donations during the event. We urge you to support organisations who are now working hard to help those fleeing war-torn Ukraine.

These include:
Budapest Bike Maffia - Age of Hope:
Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta:
Hungarian Helsinki Committee:
Hungarian Interchurch Aid:
Hungarian Reformed Church Charity Organisation:
Menedék - Hungarian Association for Migrants:
Migration Aid:
United Nations Ukrainian Humanitarian Fund:

Source: Green Peace's Facebook page

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