Hauser’s First-Ever Solo Tour “Rebel With A Cello”, Budapest Aréna, 22 December

  • 20 Dec 2022 10:42 AM
Hauser’s First-Ever Solo Tour “Rebel With A Cello”, Budapest Aréna, 22 December
The bad boy of instrumentalists and founding member of 2 Cellos known simply asHauser announces his much anticipated, first-ever worldwide solo tour - “Rebel with a Cello.”

Armed with the momentum from his last and final sold-out 2Cellos tour, the superstar cellist and visual artist is launching the ultimate musical showcase; bringing forward his signature performance pyrotechnics alongside his romantic and soulful, playing sound and style.

And while music’s mischievous romantic is including everything his fans have come to know and love through his visual media presentations, like the wildly popular “Beach Party” and musical dreamscapes like the “Alone Together,”visual concepts, Hauser’s first „Rebel with a Cello” tour features a third act of rocking and rhythmic retro into modern globally- influenced dance tracks from his new solo album, “The Player.” 

The success of Hauser himself extends far beyond his many, many millions of YouTube, Facebook and Instagram followers with a devoted, international fan base that continues to grow.

Billions of audio streams and videos views across the social media platforms, the Croatian cellist is a phenomenon that is one part virtuoso and the other, that of sheer, animal magnetism. For Hauser’s fans, perhaps it is simply his ability to unify generations of music lovers.

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