'VOLT Festival' In Sopron, 21 - 25 June

  • 21 Jun 2022 3:35 PM
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'VOLT Festival' In Sopron, 21 - 25 June
The annual VOLT Festival has been one of Hungary’s greatest summer celebrations for nearly three decades now, drawing world-famous musicians of diverse genres along with exceptional local acts to fill a forested campground in the hills above the western city of Sopron.

Between 21-25 June, main-stage performers of this year’s festival include MUSE, The Killers, Sum 41, drawing crowds along with many open-air pubs, outdoor yoga, and many other colorful attractions.

In addition to featuring world-class concerts, this year’s VOLT Festival also promises to make its guests’ stay as comfortable and all-inclusive as a festival can, with grocery and drug stores set up on the festival site, phone-charging points, Wi-Fi spots, and a cash-free payment system. 

Getting there from Budapest by car takes about two and a half hours. Those with GPS can simply type “Lővér Camping, Sopron” into their robot navigators.


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VOLT Festival


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