10 Top Spots for Waterside Fun on the Danube Bend

  • 5 Jul 2022 5:20 PM
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10 Top Spots for Waterside Fun on the Danube Bend
The Danube is not just about rowing and fishing you know, as there are beaches too, dotted the length of the river that connects Budapest with waterside destinations such as Szentendre, Nagymaros and Verőce. Here we take a quick look at the best ones for riverside enjoyment - all are within easy reach of Budapest by car, boat, train or bus.

1. Bánki-Tó

Address: Bánk, Tópárti sétány

People called Bánki-tó (Lake Bánk) ‘The Eye of the Sea’. This small lake at Bánk, north of Vác, is frequented for its relaxing warm water temperature in summer, ideal for swimming, and fishing.

2. Dunabogdány

Address: Dunabogdány, Kossuth Lajos út 129.

The waters of the Danube at Dunabogdány are clear, and the shore is sandy, making this perfect for a day out or a tour. Bear in mind that swimming in rivers may hold unseen dangers, however it is allowed here and many folks enjoy cooling off in the Danube.

3. Göd Danube Bank
Address: Göd, Béke út 1

Close to Pest, at this free beach at Göd, visitors can rent a bike or a canoe. Swimming is allowed on both banks because the water quality is excellent.

4. Kismarosi Homoksziget

Address: Between Kismaros and Nagymaros

This super sandy beach has a slightly seasidey resemblance if the water level of the river Maros is low. This idyllic place was an inspiration for the closing scene of the 1962 Hungarian classic historical romance, Az aranyember.

5. Nagymaros Beach

Address: Nagymaros, Hunyadi sétány

The sandy beach at Nagymaros towards Visegrád Castle has only recently been designated as an official spot for swimming. Locals and tourists swarm here in summer, so the bar, the café, the ice cream stall and lángos vendor do a roaring trade.

6. Pilismaróti Bay

Address: Pilismarót, Rév utca

A hidden gem of peaceful harmony in the middle of nowhere, Pilismaróti öböl (Pilismarót Bay) awaits visitors on summer days. They should pack drinking water and camping gear in case of they fancy a long day’s fishing. The nearby ships’ graveyard is worth a visit.

7. Szentendre Beach

Address: Szentendre, Strand utca

The free public beach at Szentendre opened in 2016, with a buffet, shower, lockers and a playground. The free-pour ice cream at Kacsakő Bisztró is unmissable.

8. Szigetspicc

Address: Kisoroszi 2024, hrsz 016/1.

A nomadic paradise in Kisoroszi, Szigetspicc is an ideal place for getting back to nature. Don't forget the mosquito repellent!

9. Verőce Beach

Address: Verőce, Árpád út 5.

The settlement of Verőce lives in harmony with the river Danube. On the beach, huge bonfires light up the summer nights. The shore is grassy, the water is clear.

10. Zebegény Danube Bank

Address: Zebegény, Napraforgó utca 12

The Danube shore at Zebegény contains a free public beach with a first-aid centre, showers and toilets. Visitors can rent canoes and use the free sunbeds.

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