'Acoustic Friday Fest' in Etyek, 12 August

  • 3 Aug 2022 4:57 PM
'Acoustic Friday Fest' in Etyek, 12 August
On August 12th, an extremely atmospheric Friday afternoon and evening awaits Etyek fans again, as the August Akusztik is coming. 

Acoustic music always exudes some sort of mysterious atmosphere, and it will be worth discovering the stages and musicians appearing on the Gastro-Promenade in Etyek! Let's not just chase the scents, but let's also follow our ears and look for the inimitable sound, from campfire music, to a small guitar party to a special acoustic concert!

There will be places where, in addition to tasty snacks and delicious drinks, a single guitar will be responsible for our mood, but in the hands of knowledgeable artists, this is just enough, especially if they also promise a campfire atmosphere.

Visitors to the event will also be able to enjoy an absolutely exclusive acoustic concert, as the formation Zsolti Szivák & Friends will perform here for the first and last time in this line-up: Zsolt Szivák (vocals and guitar, Cloud9+), Vivi Tiszai (drums, HolyChicks) and Dávid Budai (keys, BSW). They will play well-known songs re-arranged, even by using a special South American percussion instrument, the Cajon.

But for example, Marci Hangácsi will also come, who will make the audience dance with an exciting electro-acoustic performance, bringing the best-known songs in a new guise to the August Akusztik.

Even the name of the event promises a lot of good music, but regular Etyek fans know that there are many more options, from e-bike trips to cellar tour tastings, there are many program options.

At the same time, it's worth leaving September 3 free in our calendar, since that's when the series of autumn programs will begin with the September Pedal Bar! Well, before that, let's browse through the August offer!

6:30 p.m.: János Medgyesi - acoustic guitar night with old LGT and Fonograf hits
Tasting and fair of the winery's products

Your favourite The Vine items
Eloquent: dry unique Cserszeg Fűszeres-Bianca blend
Green wine: a wine specialty with dry, lively acidity made from Zöldveltelini in the style of Portuguese vinho verde.
Etyek Shade of Grey: dry, elegant Pinot Gris in Alsatian style
More Than Words: semi-dry Sauvignon Blanc sparkling wine specialty
Balian Grande Cuvée: our brand-new flagship batch, a dry late-harvest Zenit-Zöldveltelin blend, which has been aged for half a year in fine oak and half a year in Zemplén oak - the wine of unrepeatable occasions
Homemade syrups

Ham specialties aged for 2 years, marinated in salt, air-dried
Oven and grilled food

4:00 p.m.: cozy garden mood with Budai Akusztik
Venison soup with chanterelles
Hake fried in paprika and garlic flour with steak potatoes and leavened cucumber
Fried roasted pork cutlets with parsley potatoes
Mozzarella grilled on an iron plate with a salad, garlic and chives mayonnaise on toast
Fried chicken breast with Greek salad
Mint and lime cheesecake
Pancakes with hazelnut cream and vanilla
We offer excellent wines, beers and home-made syrups from Etyek for acoustic experiences.

Fair and tasting of the winery's wines

Hungarian tasting plate (homemade sausage, ham, eggs, bacon, crackling, vegetables, fresh bread)
Cheese platter (selection of goat and cow cheeses from domestic producers, baguette)
Grilled meats
Splash selection: lavender rosé splash, chardonnay with elderberry syrup

2:00 p.m.: The estate's cellar door opens and the Rókusfalvy Inn serves delicacies!
6:00 p.m.: Glass in hand - cellar tour with 4 wines
7:00 p.m.: ZSIVÁK ZSOLTI & FRIENDS - exclusive acoustic concert

The special trio of Zsolti Szivák (vocals and guitar, Cloud9+), Vivi Tiszai (drums, HolyChicks) and Dávid Budai (keyboards, BSW) can be seen in this formation for the first and last time; and all this on the vineyard stage of the Rókusfalvy Estate! Well-known songs re-arranged with piano, drums and a special South American percussion instrument, the Cajon!

9:00 p.m.: Sunset concert - MARCI HANGÁCSI electro-acoustic
Marci makes the Birtok guests dance again, reimagining the best-known songs and bringing them to the stage with an even richer instrumentation (electric guitar, loop pedal, sample pad)!

Campfire atmosphere - Illés Gergő singer, guitarist, songwriter makes music!
Craft and sparkling wines
Special wine cocktails: vintonic, elderberry blanc, lavender rosé cocktail, aperol spritz
Lemonade from freshly squeezed lemons, iced coffee
Tortilla chips with various gourmet homemade dips, in vegan and gluten-free versions as well!

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