15 Top Breakfast Venues in Budapest - Part 1

  • 29 Aug 2022 12:51 PM
  • We Love Budapest
15 Top Breakfast Venues in Budapest - Part 1
Breakfast is the new dinner, declares WeLoveBudapest! Meetings with friends, more intimate conversation, even rendezvous can be a breeze, with hearty, lazy dishes and cheeky fizzy drinks to kickstart the day they say.

Contemporary bakeries are now producing heavenly pastries suitable for any occasion, specialty coffee has long moved in and you can even throw in a rooftop bar or two. Here's the first half of a tasty top selection. Good morning, Budapest!

1. á Table!Address: Various locations

The story of the à table boulangerie started out at a small Budapest street, Retek utca, in 2011. Since then, it’s been expanding, currently they have 13 outlets all around the capital, attracting lovers of French atmosphere and gastronomy, éclairs, mille-feuilles, tartes and, of course, croissants.

At each location, you can choose from all these and, in addition to the daily quiche, you can order egg breakfasts, salads and tartines. Luckily, they also have the special pain perdu French toast as well.

One favourite à table! is at central Madách tér, as there you can sit outside and watch the bustling street beneath a tricoleur parasol from spring to autumn.

You can also find them in shopping centres, so if you need a little respite from all the mall neon, they can bring a little peace into your shopping routine.

2. Bartók - reggel.délben.este
Address: 1114 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 9.

It would be a shame to pigeonhole this gastropub on trendy Bartók Béla út as a breakfast spot or a bistro, or even a cult pub, because it’s all of those things.

As the name suggests (’Morning, Noon and Night’), they await guests any time of the day, and with reliable comfort food – which is to say, easy-to-prepare, heart-warming, familiar dishes.

Eggs are made in all their forms, but bagels, French toast, granola and sweet waffles can also be found on the breakfast menu. It’s a cosy spot encouraging you to linger. You can even stay for lunch.

3. Béchamel
Address: 1072 Budapest, Akácfa utca 36.

Béchamel, the warm, homemade creamy sauce spiced with nutmeg, is an essential base for many French dishes. The name of this breakfast & brunch operation also fits the place to a tee, as you do feel the same homely atmosphere here.

Their offer is international, as the world’s most popular breakfast delicacies have been put together so that everyone can find the familiar favourites or try something new for the first time. The staff are friendly, service is great, and colleagues are very helpful.

In the spring-summer season, you shouldn’t miss having breakfast sitting by the window. Their pastries come from the Freyja bakery, and their cakes are Espressoul’s finest.

Brunch is available from 8am to 5pm, so the non-early birds among you won’t miss out, either.

4. Cafe Brunch Budapest
Address: 1065 Budapest, Hajós utca 26b.

You can find Cafe Brunch Budapest in three locations around Budapest, and they are also planning to open their fourth breakfast outlet in April. Their name is quite informative, as it suggests that you can have a hearty breakfast here all day long.

They take the first meal of the day seriously, as the most important – whether it’s a Hungarian omelette, egg-avocado toast or a grilled bagel with salmon, they serve large amounts.

The panorama from all three restaurants is magnificent, it was an important feature when they designed them so that guests could look out over the city through huge windows to see cityscapes such as the fountain on Hajós utca behind the Opera, St Stephen’s Basilica and Liberty Bridge.

From spring to autumn, you can enjoy refreshing lemonades, specialty coffees and light breakfasts on their sunny terraces.

5. CinnamonAddress: 1027 Budapest, Csalogány utca 21.

Cinnamon on Csalogány utca opened in 2017, specifically to provide the area behind Batthyány tér with super breakfasts and brunches.

They quickly managed to find their audience, grateful that they could pop in until four in the afternoon for French toast or a signature apple-cinnamon doughnut.

They also have a filling English breakfast, almost obligatory avocado toasts, American pancakes and poached egg variations, as well as nice presentations.

They have never gone overly trendy, so being passé is not a risk, striking a good balance between current mores and a path dictated by current tastes.

6. Cirkusz
Address: 1074 Budapest, Dob utca 25.

Cirkusz came to Dob utca in 2014 and, once the initial sensation wore off, has long been a reliable place for breakfast favoured by many. Regulars can find it with their eyes closed. 

Bagira coffee started out here, and their baristas and the machinery they use are world-class, and they never stop learning. They make pretty latte creations for their guests, which can spice up any lousy day.

People swear by their brunches, such as the Eggs Royal, a poached egg served with salmon and spinach, or the Pulled Pork Benedict, which is exactly as unusual as the name suggests: stripped pork and eggs. A whole series of avocado dishes has also been put together. 

Prosecco, Bloody Mary and Mimosa can also be ordered, even on those unfortunate Monday mornings – in fact, perhaps especially on those unfortunate Monday mornings.

7. Freyja – The Croissant Story
Address: 1074 Budapest, Szövetség utca 10-12.

Queues form outside this croissanterie in District VII, no surprise considering the quality of what’s on offer. Business is so good, in fact, that they have also set up on the Buda side, in District II.

The baking process involves adding 27 buttered layers to each item, which can be produced in almost endless variations. The flavours of the seasonal collection change from time to time, but you can be sure to find at least one savoury and sweet type every day.

Prices fall between those of a niche boutique and a chain bakery, but given the preparation and quality, and the fact that the croissants here are a breakfast in themselves, Freyja is a bit of a bargain.

Roulés, even square-shaped croissants, may sometimes appear. Freyja is nothing if not enterprising.

15 Top Breakfast Venues in Budapest - Part 2

Source: Welovebudapest.com

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