“Bikavér Marathon”, Eger, 18 - 29 October

  • 6 Oct 2022 6:32 AM
“Bikavér Marathon”, Eger, 18 - 29 October
The winemakers of Eger wine region have been doing a significant “facelifting” recently. The do not sit on their achieved results, but work constantly to get even better recognition for ther wines. Bikavér, the flagship blend of Eger has always been celebrated in the heart of the region, in the city of Eger, but this year the festivity will come in a new format.

The “en primeur tasting” will be probably one of the most attractive programs for wine enthusiasts.

The 2021 vintage Superior and Grand Superior Bikavér wines are not released to the market yet, and these wines – compared with their older vintages – will give exciting insight into the true character of Bikavér.

Raise our glasses at 15.52 on 18 October?

At 15.52? Isn’t it crazy?

It has a reason: Egri Bikvér Day is held on 18 October to commemorate an important historic moment of Eger: the invading Turkish troops gave up their siege against the Castle of Eger on this day in 1552. And the year is the explanation of the minute for cheering. With this symbolic toast the series of various Bikavér programs begin.

Events on 18–29 October

– 21 October, Eger Bikavér Gala Evening
Bistro Macok will serve dishes paired with Bikavérs and the Eger Bikavér Awards will be presented.

– 22 October, Eger Bikavér Wine Tour

The tour in “Szépasszony” Valley will start in the morning and run until the evening. The cellars of the city’s charming wine district will offer visitors a themed programme.

– 22 October, Eger Bikavér En Primeur

The walk-around tasting will offer an insight into the promising 2021 vintage before it’s introduced on the market.

Location: Bolyki Winery

– 29 October, Eger Bikavér Grand Tasting

The highlight of the event series. The tasting will take place in the Líceum’s Ceremonial Hall and will feature a personal presentation by local winemakers of their finest Bikavérs.

– 18–29 October, Eger Bikavér Wine Gastronomy Days

The Eger Bikavér Wine Gastronomy Days will start on the same day, 18 October, and run until 29 October, during which guests can taste special dishes paired with Bikavérs in local restaurants.

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Photo: Attila Busák

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